Alex Kerner:

Favorite Song- Neville Thumbcatch
Favorite Album- Magic in The Air
Best Thing About- Unbelievable on most of the tracks
Worst thing about- Getting Hi-Ho Silver Lining chewed out cuz of Jeff Beck
Any other comments- I did not vote for them but they are defiantly worth of the honor, if I had of thought about them more I woulda voted for them.



Favorite Song:  Strange House
Favorite Album:  The Final Daze CD is killer, same with Five Day Week Straw People!!
Best thing about:  Probably the heaviest song of 1967, and possibly the first true metal song ever: Strange House.
Worst thing about:  too bad they didn't last longer.  A lot of their best songs are demo tapes...I'd like to have been able to hear those finished. 
Other comments:  Five Day Week Straw People is another great lost album, and Andromeda's music is some seriously awesome psych-meets- prog!  Highly recommended for all Attack fans!  Can't say the same for Atomic Rooster though....


Goran Obradovic:

The heaviest of the Mod scenesters. With the addition of John DuCann they established the foundations of what was to become the darker corner of hard rock, while everyone was still considering it as post-swinging psychedelia or whatever. Even though they officially released only four singles, their inclusion in the MS HOPS is more then deserved thanks to them managing to capture both the more conventional mid'60s mod stomp, as well as it's forthcoming slightlydelic freakbeat bastard.