They had their chance, and they took it: few years down the line, they went to the disco and blew it.



"Favourite Track" : Saw A New Morning (from Life In A Tin Can album)
"Favourite Album" : To Whom It May Concern
"Best Thing About Them" : the pre-disco era
"Worst Thing About Them" : the disco era
"Any Other Comment" : my choices are not very psychedelic ones, but I like the psychedelic and pre-psychedelic years too



Fav. Song- Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You
Fav. Album- Bee Gees' 1st
Best Thing- Such great harmonies and nearly flawless output through the 60's.
Worst Thing- 70's to present.
Any other Comment- It's too bad their 60's output has been so overshadowed by their late 70's disco push, which I suppose has it's
place too



Favorite Track(s) Released-World/Unreleased-Gilbert Green
Favorite Album- Bee Gees 1st
Best Thing About- The amazing song writing and amazing sounds they made
Worst Thing About- The clash of egos, and their disco stuff
Any Other Comment- It's such a shame they really only are famous for their disco stuff, I bet a million Bee Gees lovers don't know what an amazing pop-psych band they were! But it's their loss then, cuz they were nothing short of legendary!!



1--Favourite track
Unlike many of the other bands in the MS Hall of Fame, the Bee Gees enjoyed enormous success, both in the 60s and later in the 70s, and on. Thus, their catalogue is huge, and picking one track is difficult, at best. In fact, I would have to say that I can't really isolate one song
and say...'this is the best track they did', nor do I have an emotional attachment to their music the way I do some of the other bands in the MS Hall of Fame (see The Creation, The Move, etc) But the header says favourite track, so here we go.... "World"......The opening single note piano riff sets the tone for what's to come, the very simplicity of this piano 'solo' suggests something very deep yet meaningless is to come; they don't disappoint, from the moment I first heard this song and bought it, to this very day, I wonder at the profundity of "now I've
found the world is round, and of course it rains every day". It has a Zen Buddhist obviousness that resonates in a way that means nothing, and yet.....does it? They overlay this with a wonderful mellotron backing, and a spare guitar squeal. It has this floaty dreamy feel to it that
takes you straightaway to a lawn in Hyde Park on a sunny afternoon in July, lazing about, kaftan on, joss sticks burning........'living
tomorrow, where will I be' that I know the answer to that question 40 some years on, I wonder if it wouldn't be better to be back in those more simple times

2--Favourite album
 A bit hard to choose between "The Bee Gees 1st" and "Horizontal", but I will go with their first album. Has a consistent vision from the start
to the end, loads of mellotron, which is never a bad thing (with some exceptions, see 'Moody Blues, The'), song after song that could have
been 45s, the delicious Beatleish harmonies of "Please Read Me", the fractured grammar of "I Can't See Nobody", the hits "To Love Somebody", and "New York Mining Disaster", and on.

3--Best thing about...
It has to be the songs themselves. They certainly aren't a band that makes you take notice of their instrumental prowess. There isn't really
anything about them that stands out over other groups of the era other than those songs, that catalogue of so many great songs.

4--Worst thing about...
Bloody Nora, this is easy enough. Disco. Bloody Disco. Man, did I hate the Bee Gees in the 70s when they gave us their Saturday Night Fever
vision of music. Good on 'em for reviving their careers and their accountants probably think that "Stayin' Alive" is the peak of musical
perfection, but whenever I hear their 70s stuff, I...... turn it off.

5--Any other comment.
Truth be told, and it shall, I wouldn't have voted for The Bee Gees until, perhaps, 2013, but as I type all this, and think about their 60s
music, I like it better than I want to admit. I have a hard time deciding whether their quivery quavery singing style is my cuppa, but it
gives them a distinctive sound. The Creation they ain't, but they sure could crank out the melodic hits. And oh those mellotrons! "Of course it
rains every day". Barker of The UFO indeed...



Favorite Track: In My Own Time (or, Please Read Me/Red Chair, Fade Away)
Favorite Album: 1st
Best Thing About Them: the vocals...
Worst Thing About Them: that they HAD to change to survive
Any Other Comment: Thankful for the run of LPs from 1st to Odessa



Favourite Track:  Please Read Me
Favourite Album:  Bee Gees 1st
Best Thing About 'em:  They always had the best song topics.  Their lyrics were far beyond what one would expect in a pop song.  They were quite brilliant in words, just as they were brilliant with melodies and harmonies!
Worst Thing About 'em:  DISCO SUCKS!!
Any Other Comment: The Bee Gees were covered left and right in Australia, before and around when they made their trip back to the UK.  The Gibb name can be found on hundreds of different random 45's that were issued between 1965 and 1967 in Oceania.  It's rather amazing!