Fav. track - Imposters of Life's Magazine
Fav. album - Birthday Party
Fav. thing about - Childish lyrics sung in an adult manner
Worst thing about - Some lyrics get a little too childish
Comment - Glad to see them at the top.


"Favourite Track" : Come With Me (from the second album)
"Favourite Album" : Birthday Party
"Best Thing About Them" : Jeff Lynne
"Worst Thing About Them" : the "indian" tracks
"Any Other Comment" : Jeff Lynne joined Roy Wood in The Move then in Electric Light Orchestra, after which Wood left Lynne !




I've just finished recording a cover of "On with the show" for my second single B-Side, and it features Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy) on
vocals and Jug-Band Pianee.....!!

I hope yee all love it when you hear it. I've wanted to cover this track since I was 13 years old!!



Fav. Song- Impostors Of Life's Magazine
Fav Album- Birthday Party
Best Thing- "Touch your friend's girl, will he mind, will his mind, will it?."
Worst thing- Not one hit!?
Any other comment- Not the trippiest of the bunch, but always had the greatest pop sensibility and perfect touch of whimsy. Second album was a bit of a disappointment.



Favorite Track- Big Chief Wooly Bosher
Favorite Album- S/T (Their 2nd LP)
Best Thing About- Pretty well made Pop-Psych
Worst Thing About- Their last LP...yuck! (Well except the Doors sounding track By The Sun)
Any Other Comment- I really am not a huge fan of The Idle race to be honest, they had some amazing singles and a few great tracks on their LP's but over all I really could pass on them.


Favorite Track : Most of 'em but right now i'll go for "Lucky Man"
Favorite Album : Birthday Party
Best thing about them : Jeff Lynne's production techniques, especially on the vocals
Worst thing : Comedic timpani abuse on "Knocking Nails Into My House"
Other Comment : Three cheers for The Idle Race - about time they got some notice!



Favorite Track(s): Lucky Man, Big Chief Woolly Bosher, & The Skeleton and the Roundabout
Favorite Album: The Birthday Party
Best Thing About Them: Toytown Perfection 
Worst Thing About Them: Post-Lynne 
Any Other Comment: Immediately mood-changing



At last! There isn't a band more deserving of a place on MS HOPS than The Idle Race...
An infatuation with all things Lynnesque & Toytownian was due to the fact that as a young teenager with some part-time job money to spend I came across 'Imposters of Life's Magazine' back in '75 or so. (I think I picked up Floyd's 'A Nice Pair' 'round the same time, thus solidifying the lifelong obsession)...
There wasn't a song by The Idle Race that I didn't like, and to this day that opinion is still true. As a matter of fact, when I picked up my first Move compilation several years later, it was due to the fact that they covered the Idle Race song '(Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree'... little did I know it was the other way around.
But nevertheless, "Back To The Story'...
Favourite Track: Do I have to pick one?! Okay... I have to go with 'Going Home' then. Poignant and bittersweet, this song sums up everything I love about The Idle Race.
Favourite Album:
Birthday Party
Best Thing About Them: Great songwriting, great melodies, great arrangements, great god! Who can ask for anything more?
Worst Thing About Them:
Jeff Lynne leaving to join The Move... but no, that was a GOOD thing!
Any Other Comment:
No, I've said it all I think...



Favourite Track:  Please, No More Sad Songs
Favourite Album:  The Idle Race (2nd album)
Best Thing About 'em:  Their legacy, Jeff Lynne's songwriting genius at a young age.
Worst Thing About 'em:  Their 3rd album, without Lynne.
Any Other Comment:  Such a shame that most ELO fans are clueless to their existence.  They are really missing out.