Fav. track - Why Are We Sleeping?
Fav. album - not exactly an album, but their first single, "Love Makes Sweet Music / Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'"
Fav. thing about - Possibly the best out of Canterbury
Worst thing about - Bad things happen in France.
Comment - They did two alternate versions of "Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin'" under the moniker The Beautiful on an American single, "Shadows In The Sun / Walter's Dream". The B-side appears on Rubble 20; the flip hasn't truly seen the light of day.



"Favourite Track" : Out-Bloody-Rageous (from Third album)
"Favourite Album" : The first self-titled album
"Best Thing About Them" : all of the members were very talented
"Worst Thing About Them" : the post-7th album era was too jazzy
"Any Other Comment" : so many changes in members and styles .



Fav. Song- Reelin' Feelin' Squeelin'
Fav. Album- One
Best Thing- No one sounded like 'em.
Worst Thing- Lineup changed too much. Didn't have Ayers on vocals more often.
Any other comment- Finally, I always felt if Tomorrow and the Pink Floyd were in then the Soft Machine had to come soon after.



Favorite Track- Memories
Favorite Album- At The Beginning
Best Thing About- Their early works before their first LP
Worst Thing About- Pretty much everything after the first LP in my opinion
Any other Comment- If these guys stayed on the Psychedelic train, I think they could have been mind blowing, but they went all jazzy and I really cannot stand them at all after that.



1--Favourite track
Wow. The Soft Machine. What do I say? "Why Are We Sleeping" I suppose. Oh, this is hard.

2--Favourite album
Don't have one anyway.

3--Best thing about...
Two words.....Kevin Ayers

4--Worst thing about...
Two words....... jazz fusion

5--Any other comment.
I probably should not even be posting about the Softies as this is clearly not the kind of 60s music that I enjoy. Elton Dean, oi! And how
did Chas Chandler get mixed up in all this?



Favorite LP : Vol 1
Favorite Track : "Why Are We Sleeping ?"
Best Thing : All the wonderful musical offspring they subsequently produced via Allen, Ayers, Wyatt et al. 
Worst Thing : That the original line up didn't stay together long enough to make more music.
Comment : Three Cheers for Canterbury !



Favourite Track:  A Certain Kind
Favourite Album:  Vol. One
Best Thing About 'em:  The Wyatt years
Worst Thing About 'em:  The jazz-rock years
Any Other Comment: Matching Mole, which was originally supposed to be a Soft Machine Part 2 band, is actually much better, in my opinion.  Check 'em them in sometime!!