Alex Kerner:

*Fav. song- 53 Summer Street
*Fav album- No LP
*Best Thing- Really great Psych
*Worst Thing- Not more released material at the time
*Any other comment- Sorta like Tintern Abbey I don't know if this band has a lot out there enough to be inducted but what they do have definitly deserves the honour



1. Favorite Song: 53 Summer Street
2. Favorite Album: Um...well, since they didn't make one, I'll go with the Complete Collection CD on the Rev-Ola label.
3. Best thing about:  They wore nice clothes. 
4. Worst thing about: Much too obscure, and only 2 singles released!!  Both which had hit quality!!!
5. Other comments:  Tales Of Flossie Fillet!  They were much better than the US Turquoise, also...


Goran Obradovic:

Now this one I might argue with, in spite of them being one of my own faves on the late '60s Brit scene. But let's see what do they have to offer in their own defence ... The second best band from the Muswell Hill ... Sometimes sounding kinda like some of the best of British, all in one (Kinks, Who, Small Faces, Creation ...) ... Foreseeing the importance of Woodstock ... Having at least one "rubble" of their own ... Seems fair enough after all, doesn't it?


Sir Greg Weatherby

Favourite track - The first song that I ever heard by Turquoise was "The Tales of Flossie Fillett", and I was in love with it right from the
start. I think what I liked was the whole Kinksian thing going on. And the mystery of  'whatever are they singing about'. I spent more than a
little time trying to suss the lyrics. Without much luck. But they fascinated with their hints of Moon The Loon, Joan and Jim, Bill The
Coach, and Bessie on Bassoon. And it was so sad that it should a day? A flea circus? Just a wonderful song, with it's tale
of strange characters who only lived for a day. And I love the way it all slows down in the middle and goes all poignant. Picking a favourite
track was hard with Turquoise because all four of their released tracks are so evocative of that wonderful period of the 60s when pop music was still pop music, and I couldn't wait to turn on Radio Luxembourg and hear some new wonder come out of the speakers. It seemed to happen every day. "Flossie" has a little of the novelty to it, but it is so charming that I make it my official fave rave Turquoise track. But I do like "Woodstock" too :)

Favourite album - Since they didn't have an album until the CD issue came out a while back, I will vote for the wonderful "Further Adventures of Flossie Fillett". When I first heard that there was to be a Turquoise CD released, I was hopeful yet nervous. Would it be full of more glorious songs like "Woodstock" and "Saynia", or would it be a huge disappointment like The Syn's CD, filled with, well, filler at best.
Fortunately, it was the former. New delights were revealed like "Sister Saxophone" and "The Sea Shines", and Turquoise's position was confirmed as another of the 60s UK bands that didn't make it chart wise, but left us with a small collection of wonderful music.

Best thing about - I love 60s UK bands who told stories in their songs, like The Kinks. And without belaboring the obvious, Turquoise are in
this category. Most all of their songs are cool little three minute stories of fleas, unrequited love, going back to things that we used to
say, playing cricket on the little village green, and streets that aren't quite the same. And they leave you wondering.....and they transport you to another world, where you laugh at the rain. Truth be told, I like an awful lot about The Turquoise.

Worst thing about - Had to think about this for a bit, cause there really isn't much that I don't like. So I will go with the cliche. It's a shame they didn't enjoy some success so they could have given us more music. The worse thing is the paucity of material I 'spose.

Other comments - This is one of those groups that take me back to the 60s, and the wonder of it all. When music seemed magical, truly magical. And everything seemed possible, and I thought it would never end. It's hard to remember how so very different the world was then. And how music just seemed amazing........... And how silly I looked in my mustard coloured suede jacket with the furry fringe, collar and cuffs.  Ahhhhh, 1967. :) Is Kinksian a word?