Alex Kerner

*Fav Song- Brief Candles
*Fav Album- Odessey and Oracle
*Best Thing- Odessey and Oracle ; One of the greatest LP's of ALL time
*Worst thing- They broke up right after the LP was made and it was not released till 2 years later which damaged the success of it. But if it was released when it was suppose to (1967) this woulda been in the top 10 no doubt
*Any other comments- The Zombies always were making good music, from beginning to end, and they definitely are a band that could have easily competed with the Beatles



1. Favorite Song:  Hung Up On A Dream
2. Favorite Album: Odessey And Oracle
3. Best thing about:  They made one of the greatest pop albums of all time (see above).
4. Worst thing about:  I wish they could have cut a couple more albums after O&O before disbanding.
5. Other comments:  Argent's first two LP's are great easy-going prog-rock too... highly recommended!


Goran Ovradovic

This entry might need an explanation or two, but only to those not really in the know. The fact that they released one of the best albums of all times might might be of some help.