WHATS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE : A Brief summary.....
In 1969, the Pretty Things appeared in the Norman Wisdom film, "Whats Good For The Goose". Wisdom plays a family man (Timothy Bartlett) dedicated to wife Margaret (Sally Bazely) and their children. He travels alone to Southport for various board meetings and whilst on the journey he picks up a couple of hitch-kikers, Nikki (Sally Geeson) and Meg (Sarah Atkinson). As the meetings drag on he can't stop thinking about the journey and he tries to join the in-crowd at the nearby, Screaming Apple club. At the club, the Pretty Things appear on stage (see pictures below). Bartlett falls for Nikki and goes out of the way to impress both her and her friends, however not all goes to plan and he finds himself feeling frustrated. A phone call back home and Margaret joins the remainder of his vacation.
Originally, six songs were recorded and of these four were submitted, "Blow Your Mind"; "Alexander"; "It'll Never Be Me" and Eagle's Son".

Thanks to Andrew Linsell

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