All letters come from British album covers, can you guess which album the letter comes from
Aardvark Skip Bifferty Cream Yardbirds Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera The Fox Small Faces Hollies Pink Floyd July
S/T S/T Disraeli Gears S/T (Roger) S/T For Fox's Sake Ogden's Evolution Piper S/T
The Kinks The Zombies The Move Moody Blues The Deviants Five Day Week Straw People Status Quo Caravan The Beatles Pretty Things
Something Else Odessey & Oracle Shazam Lost Chord Ptoof! S/T Picturesque If I Could... Rubber Soul Emotions
    Procol Harum Nirvana Gary Walker & The Rain Jimi Hendrix Experience Plastic Penny Arzachel    
    S/T All Of Us Album No. 1 Are You Experienced? Currency S/T