The Onyx - Tamaris Khan Fresh Air - Running Wild
The Glass Menagerie - Fredrick Jordan The Orange Seaweed - Stay A While
The Clique - We Didn't Kiss Didn't Love But Now We Do 5 a.m. Event - Hungry
Montanas - A Step In The Right Direction The Game - Gotta Keep On Moving Baby
The Floribunda Rose - Linda Loves Linda The Glass Menagerie - She's A Rainbow
Velvett Fogg - Lady Caroline New Formula - Stay Indoors
The Turnstyle - Riding A Wave Writing On The Wall - Buffalo
The Kytes - Frosted Panes Orange Machine - You Can All Join In


Professor Jordan's Magic Sound ShowRUBBLE TEN : Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show

"Roll up! Roll up! Listen to the sound of orange rainbows and ride a sound wave at Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show!"


Tenth volume. Originally issued in 1988 on the Bam-Caruso label (KIRI 098). It has since been re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 010). Contained recordings from the Pye label


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