Dragonfly - Celestial Empire The Zipps - Lotus Love
Peter & The Blizzards - You Know That I'll Be There The Bumble Bees - Girl Of My Mind
Groep 1850 - Mother No Head The Young Ones - Mini Minnie
The Tower - Slow Motion Mind St. Giles System - Swedish Tears
The Outsiders - Do You Feel Alright Q65 - So High I've Been, So Down I Must Fall
Sharks & Me - Buses Super Sister - A Girl Named You
Short '66 - Good Weekend Les Baroques - Such A Cad
The Motions - Wedding Of 100 Brides The Golden Ear Rings - That Day
Sandy Coast - Back To The City  


Plastic WildernessRUBBLE NINE : Plastic Widerness



Nineth volume. Originally issued in 1991 on the Bam-Caruso label (KIRI 079). It has since been re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 009). Contained recordings from various labels


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