Tintern Abbey



David MacTavish (vocals); Dan Smith (Lead Guitar); Stuart McKay (Bass) and John Dalton (Drums).
Note : Smith was replaced after the single by Paul Brett.

One single

Beeside / Vacuum Cleaner (Deram DM 164)

A second single was recorded but only as a demo. The two songs recorded were "How Do I Feel Today?" & "Do What You Must", an acetate for the songs still exists.


Short lived London based outfit with only one single to their name. Both songs are fine examples of psychedelia, very rare single to track down.


Both songs have found their way onto many compilations, both songs can be found on Rubble 12 : Staircase To Nowhere (Bam Caruso KIRI 070); The British Psychedelic Trip volume 1 (See For MIles SEE 66). Vaccum Cleaner appears on The Psychedelic Scene (Deram 844 797-2) & The Perfumed Garden CD (Reverberation 1)


Appearing at SPEAKEASY Two original advertisements, left, playing live at the Speakeasy (29/12/67) and below the original advertisement to announce the management has been taken over by Spencer Davis Management Ltd

Spencer Davis Management Ltd.

With thanks to Carol-Anne Lennie & Greg Weatherby for help with the pictures and Glenn for the label scannings.
Also thanks to Paul Brett for information on the acetate news

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