Apple Comps

(1960s songs published by Apple)


94 Baker Street

The Pop-Psych Sounds Of The Apple Era 1967-69

RPM 270 (2003)

Focal Point - Sycamore Syd Ways and Means - Breaking Up a Dream
Focal Point - Love You Forever Iveys - I'm Too Shy
Focal Point - Never Never Iveys - Maybe Tomorrow (Alt)
Focal Point - Girl On The Corner Iveys - Tube Train
Focal Point - 'Cept Me Iveys - She Came Out Of The Cold
Grapefruit - Dear Delilah Iveys - I've Been There Once Before
Grapefruit - Ain't It Good Paintbox - Getting Ready For Love
Grapefruit - Lullaby Jon Fitch & Associates - Romantic Attitude
Grapefruit - Another Game Jon Fitch & Associates - Stoned Out Of It

** Initial copies included 3 tracks by The Misunderstood (Children Of The Sun/ I Unseen/ Find The Hidden Door) which were subsequently removed following a legal dispute, although the CD booklets were unchanged.


An Apple a Day

More Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1968-70

RPM 312 (2006)


The U (Don't) No Who - An Apple a Day Denis Couldry & The Next Collection - James In The Basement
Jigsaw - Great Idea The U (Don't) No Who - Strange People
Gallagher & Lyle - Ivy Unrehearsed Majority One - Charlotte Rose
Denis Couldry & The Next Collection - I Am Nearly There Goldrush - Somebody's Turning On The People
Iveys- Black & White Rainbows Second Hand - A Fairy Tale
Iveys - Girl In a Mini Skirt Turquoise - Sister Saxophone
Lace - Soldier The U (Don't) No Who - Now and Again Rebecca
Gallagher & Lyle - Technicolour Dream Iveys - Mr Strangeways
Gallagher & Lyle - In Your Wonderful Way The Cups (Gallagher & Lyle) - Good As Gold
Mortimer - People Who Are Different Turquoise - Woodstock (Alt)
Iveys - Tomorrow Today Peter Cooper - Evil Loving Woman


Treacle Toffee World

Further Adventures Into The Pop-Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967-69

RPM Retro 843 (2008)

Fire - Father's Name Is Dad (2nd version) Fire - Treacle Toffee World
Sands - Listen To The Sky Grapefruit - Fall of The Castle
Grapefruit - Trying To Make It To Monday Denis Couldry & Smile - Penny For The Wind
Rawlings & Huckstep - Forgive and Forget 23rd Turnoff - Another Vincent Van Gogh
Gallagher & Lyle - Goodbye Mozart Rawlings & Huckstep - Thinking Pictures
Fire - Spare a Copper Iveys - How Does It Feel
Rawlings & Huckstep - Even The Sun Shines Cold Fire - Will I Find Love
Iveys - Bittersweet Adieu Legay - Fantastic Story Of The Steam Driven Banana
Denis Couldry & Smile - Tea & Toast, Mr Watson Grapefruit - This Little Man (Alt)