Deram sleeve If there was one label that exemplifed experimental British pop in the mid-Sixties, it was the Decca subsidiary Deram. Despite the presence of the Stones on the parent label (and a few obscurer acts), Decca was quite obviously missing the boat. There was a whole new world of music developing and they seemed to have little or no idea of what was going on

John Platt, Deram Dayze sleeve notes, 1987.

Michael Angelo23rd Turnoff :

Michaelangelo / Leave Me Here (DM 150)

Named after the 23rd turnoff on the M6 which leads to Liverpool of which this lot came from. Sadly this was their only offering. The top side has been heavily compiled and can be found on Rubble 12 : Staircase To Nowhere; The Psychedelic Trip vol.1; The Psychedelic Scene and Deram Dayze whilst 'Leave Me Here' can be found on The British Psychedelic Trip vol.1

Miller Anderson :

Bright City / Another Time, Another Place (DM 337)

Lone single from the guitarist from The Voice

Beverley :

Happy New Year / Where The Good Times Are (DM 101)

The flip from this single can be traced on Deram Dayze, she was later to release a second single, Museum (DM 137) with a different artist on the flip

Alan Bown Set :

Still As Stone / Wrong Idea (DM 259)
Gypsy Girl / All I Can (DM 278)

Long running outfit who featured Robert Palmer on vocals, released ten singles between '65 and '71 including these two for Deram

Bulldog Breed :

Portcullis Gate / Halo In My Head (DM 270)

Made In EnglandTwo sides of different nature, the top side veers mainly towards progressive rock whilst the flip owes more to early Pink Floyd. The album, Made In England (Deram Nova SDN 5) is well worth investigating. 'Portcullis Gate' can be found on Rubble 12 and 'Halo In My Head' can be found on Deram Dayze

Cat's Eyes :

Smile Girl For Me / In A Fantasy World (DM 190)
I Thank You Marianne / Turn Around (DM 209)
Where Is She Now? / Turn Down (DM 251)

Obscure band who also released three singles for MCA, any help on these guys would be much appreciated as they don't seem to have been compiled

Crocheted Doughnut Ring :

Havana Anna / Happy Castle (DM 169)
Maxine's Parlour / Get Out Your Rock and Roll Shoes (DM 180)

'Happy Castle' has a Small Faces / US west coast feel. First came to light on the British Psychedelic Trip vol.3. See also Doughnut Ring

The Cuppa T :

Miss Pinkerton / Brand New World (DM 144)
Streatham Hippodrome / One Man Band (DM 185)

Good time outfit whose cockney vocals dominate throughout, first saw the light on the British Psychedelic Trip vol.3

Curiosity Shoppe :

Baby I Need You / So Sad (DM 220)

Liverpool group who can be found on Rubble 14

Current Craze :

Lady Pearl / Breaking The Heart of a Good Man (DM 292)

Lone single from 1970, no more info available unless you know different

Double Feature :

Baby Get Your Head Screwed On / Come On Baby (DM 115)
Handbags and Gladrags / Just Another Lonely Night (DM 165)

Birmingham based duo spotted by The Move's Carl Wayne. The Cat Stevens song, 'Baby Get Your Head Screwed On' has wailing fuzz guitars and was included on the fourth volume of the British Psychedelic Trip. The second single was a Mike D'Abo song

Dougnut Ring :

Dance Around Julie / The Bandit (DM 215)

This is the third single from the Crocheted Doughnut Ring

East of Eden :

East of EdenNorthern Hemisphere / Communion (DM 242)
Jig A Jig / Marcus Junior (DM 297)

Progressive outfit whose Northern Hemisphere can be found on Rubble 12. The group also recorded two albums for Deram, Mercator Projected (SML 1038) and Snafu (SML 1050)

Egg :

Seven Is A Jolly Good Time / You Are All Princes (DM 269)

Three albums and this lone single from this trio featuring Dave Stewart (not the Dave Stewart?)

Eyes of Blue :

Heart Trouble / Up and Down (DM 106)
Supermarket Full of Cans / Don't Ask Me To Mend Your Broken Heart (DM 114)

Soul band who progressed with the times as their releases came out, worth checking out is their second Deram single (they also cut a lone single for Mercury together with two albums), this can be found on Deram Dayze. Two non single cuts can be found Glass Orchid Aftermath and All The Colours of Darkness Rubble compilations

Bill Fay :

Some Good Advice / Scream In The Ears (DM 143)

Lone single and two albums from this singer / songwriter. The top side can be found on Deram Dayze

The Flower Pot Men :

Lets Go To San Francisco parts 1 & 2 (DM 142)
A Walk In The Sky / Am I Losing You? (DM 160)
A Man Without A Woman / You Can Never Be Wrong (DM 183)
In A Moment of Madness / Yound Birds Fly (DM 248)

This is members of The Ivy League who really came of age with the flower-power movement. With Scott MacKenzie high in the charts these boys adapted the theme and hit the charts with 'Let's Go To San Francisco' and continued to produce the goods with 'A Walk In The Sky' but this failed to chart. These guys were also responsible for the one-off project Friends. Try finding the Repertoire compilation, Let's Go Back To San Francisco (REP 4344-WZ) for the full story

Focal Point :

Love You Forever / Sycamore Sid (DM 186)

From Liverpool, Brian Epstein chose their name, obscure 45 which can be found on Deram Dayze

Friends :

Piccolo Man / Mythological Sunday (DM 198)

One-off project by The Flower Pot Men (see above)

Garden Odyessy Enterprise :

Sad and Lonely / Sky Pilot (DM 267)

Not much information about these guys except this is more likely the work of Graham Gouldman. You can catch a glimpse of the band in the 1969 film, 'I Can't........I Can't' starring Dennis Waterman & Tessa Wyatt

Giles, Giles & Fripp :

Once In A Million / Newly Weds (DM 188)
Thursday Morning / Elephant Song (DM 210)

Both 45's and the album, 'The Cheeful Insanity of....' (SML 1022) were extremely weird and fans of psychedelia would find all of this the perfect cup of tea. Robert Fripp went onto greater things of course with King Crimson

Granny's Inventions :

Granny's InventionsThe Story of David / Sandy's on the Phone Again (DM 158)
Julie Don't Love Me Anymore / One Time Losers (DM 184)
Never An Easy Thing /. Hilda the Builder (DM 214)
Take Me Back / Maybe (DM 293)

Cool name but nobody seems to know anymore about this lot who also released a Deram album, nothing has been compiled so far and the album is rare

Haffy's Whiskey Bar :

Shot In The Head / Bye Bye Bluebird (DM 345)

Rumoured to have included members of the Easybeats, any more info would be much appreciated

Honeybus :

Delighted To See You / The Breaking Up Scene (DM 131)
(Do I Figure) In Your Life? / Throw My Love Away (DM 152)
I Can't Let Maggie Go / Tender Are The Ashes (DM 182)
Girl of Independence Means / How Long (DM 207)
She Sold Blackpool Rock / Would You Believe (DM 254)
Story / The Right To Choose (DM 289)

London based band who formed in 1967, after two flopped singles they made it third time lucky in 1968 with the top ten hit, 'I Can't Let Maggie Go', highly remembered for it's use in advertising Nimble bread in the 70's. A band worth investigating who also released an album, 'Story' (SML 1056)

Human Instinct :

A Day In My Minds Mind / Death of the Seaside (DM 167)
Renaissance Fair / Pink Dawn (DM 177)

Human InstinctOriginally from New Zealand where they scored three number one hits. 'A Day In My MInd's Mind' (of which wins the top award for the most imaginative song title) was a powerful song and deserved much better, compiled heavily including Rubble 12 (along with 'Pink Dawn') and The Psychedelic Scene. The second Deram single was a cover of the Byrds song with an added string arrangement. They was later to cut a series of albums back home

 In Crowd :

Where In The World / I Can Make Love To You (DM 272)

Obscure one-off single, this is not the group who envolved into Tomorrow

Kelly :

Mary, Mary / Reverend Richard Bailey (DM 277)

Another obscure one-off single, again info needed please

Denny Laine :

Say You Don't Mind / Ask The People (DM 122)
Too Much In Love / Catherine's Wheel (DM 171)

This is the former lead singer of the Moody Blues, Laine left in 1967 and the Moodies changed music style. After the split Laine formed the Electric String Band and although both singles are credited as solo singles they both include the String Band. Neither single charted and after a radio session, Laine was involved in Ginger Baker's Airforce before eventually joining Paul McCartney's Wings. He also recorded a couple of solo singles for Wizard. Check out Rubble 12 for 'Catherine's Wheel' and Deram Dayze for 'Say You Don't Mind'

Love Children :

Paper Chase / My Turkey Snuffed It (DM 303)

Harmony pop outfit, 'Paper Chase' can be found on the fourth volume of the British Psychedelic Trip

Neil MacArthur :

She's Not There / World of Glass (DM 225)
Don't Try To Explain / World of Glass (DM 262)
It's Not Easy / 12.29 (DM 275)

Neil MacArthur was of course Colin Blunstone of The Zombies. After the split of The Zombies, Colin became an insuranace clerk of which he stuck out for a year until he signed up for Deram as a solo artist. Of course, 'She's Not There' is a re-working of the Zombies hit. He also recorded Denny Laine's 'Say You Don't Mind'. Check out Deram Dayze for more information

March Hare :

I Could Make It There With You / Have We Got News For You (DM 258)

Vocal harmony group featuring Stu Leatherwood from The Koobas

The Move :

Night of Fear / Distubance (DM 109)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow / Wave the Flag and Stop the Train (DM 117)

The MoveA band who should need no introductions. Got signed up to Deram by producer Denny Cordell after taking over from The Who's residency at the Marquee. 'Night of Fear' features the rift from the 1812 overture and 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' captures the heights of 1967 psychedelia. After these two singles the band signed up to Regal Zonophone for an array of singles and two albums

 Music Motor :

Happy / Where Am I Going (DM 282)

Another obscure one-off, again, no info, were you in this group?, let us know

Outer Limits :

Just One More Chance / Help Me Please (DM 125)

Pacific Drift :

Water Woman / Yes You Do (DM 304)

Featuring Lawrence Arendes of Wimple Winch. The band also cut an album, Feelin' Free (Nova SND 13) in 1970

People :

In Ancient Times / Glastonbury (DM 346)

'Glastonbury' actually dates from 1971 but gets included here because of it's inclusion on Rubble 12

Procol Harum :

A Whiter Shade of Pale / Lime Street Blues (DM 126)

As with The Move, another outfit who shouldn't need any introductions. 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' was a big hit in 1967. After this single the group switched to Regal Zonophone and and then Chrysalis releasing numerous singles and albums

The Societe :

Bird Has Flown / Breaking Point (DM 162)

Only single from this Glasgow based band, produced by The Hollies Allan Clarke. Can be found on Deram Dayze and The Psychedelic Scene

The Syn :

Created By Clive / Grounded (DM 130)
Flowerman / 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (DM 145)

The SynTwo fine singles from future Yes members Chris Squire and Peter Banks. 'Created By Clive' was also recorded and released at the same time by The Attack and the buying public got confused between the two. 'The 14th Hour Technicolour Dream' was written to commemorate the Alexander Palace event in 1967 and can be found on the Chocolate Soup CD and The Psychedelic Scene. 'Grounded' appears on Rubble 14 : The Magic Rocking Horse

Timebox :

Don't Make Promises / Walking Through the Streets of my Mind (DM 153)
Beggin' / A Woman That's Waiting (DM 194)
Girl Don't Make Me Wait / Gone Is the Sad Man (DM 219)
Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye / Poor Little Heartbreaker (DM 246)
Yellow Van / You've Got The Chance (DM 271)

Timebox : The Deram AnthologySouthport's Timebox released a series of releases for Deram. Starting out as soul / jazz outfit they soon picked up and caught upon the times. By far the most common number is a cover of the Four Seasons hit, 'Beggin' and also worth checking out is 'Gone With the Sad Man' with it's backwards tapes loops, this song can be found on Rubble 12. Keep an eye out for 'Baked Jam Roll In Your Eye', a strange story involving the arrival of aliens!! This has also been compiled on the British Psychedelic Trip vol.1. Eventually this group would change their musical direction and name to Patto. Check out the compilation, Timebox : The Anthology (844 807-2)

Tintern Abbey :

Beeside / Vacuum Cleaner (DM 164)

One fine single and a proposed second one, for more information go here

Virgin Sleep :

Love / Halliford House (DM 146)
Secret / Comes A Time (DM 173)

From Richmond, London. 'Love' is based on the Buddhist chant, 'Om Mane Padme Hum', this has been compiled on The British Psychedelic Trip vol. 1. A second single, 'Secret' has a more commercial appeal and can be found on Psychedelia vol.2 and The Psychedelic Scene

Warm Sounds :

Birds and Bees / Doo-Dah (DM 120)
Nite Is A-Comin' / Smeta Murgaty (DM 174)

A duo who released three singles, two for Deram and one sandwiched inbetween for Immediate. 'Birds and Bees' reached number 27 in the summer of 1967. Worth checking out is the acid flavoured 'Nite Is A-Coming' and it's B-side 'Smeta Murgaty' (an array of backwards loops), this was released on Rubble 12 as one complete song as surely originally intended

World of Oz :

The Muffin Man / Peter's Birthday (Black & White Rainbows) (DM 187)
King Croesus / Jack (DM 205)
Willow's Harp / Like A Tear (DM 233)

World of OzFine Birmingham based band, all three singles were great poppy numbers. The first single, the very catchy 'The Muffin Man' was an adaption of a nursey rhyme whilst 'Peter's Birthday' has some great swirling fairground organ work. Also worth noting is the flip of the third single, the Indian flavoured, 'Like A Tear' which can be found on The Psychedelic Scene and Rubble 12. Worth checking out is the self titled album (SML 1034)

A selection of the compilations that feature the bands mentioned above

Deram DayzeDeram Dayze (Decal LIK 9)

Originally released in 1987

Featuring artists from the Deram label

Artists : Cat Stevens / Warm Sounds / 23rd Turnoff / Bill Fay / Denny Laine / Friends / Eyes of Blue / The Pyramid / The Societe / Focal Point / Beverly / The Human Instinct / Neil McArthur and Bulldog Breed

The Psychedelic SceneThe Psychedelic Scene (Deram 844 797-2)

Originally released in 1988

Featuring artists from the Deram and Decca labels

Artists : Tintern Abbey / The End / The Accent / Curiosity Shoppe / The Syn / The Poets / The Attack / Small Faces / The Fairytale / Turquoise / Al Stewart / Virgin Sleep / Felius Andromeda / Human Instinct / The Ice / Moody Blues / 23rd Turnoff / The Societe / World of Oz / Garden Odyssey Enterprise / Keith Shields / Timebox / The plague / Andy Forray and Warm Sounds

Rubble 12 : Staircase To Nowhere (Bam Caruso KIRI 070)

Originally released in 1986

Featuring artists from the Deram label

Artists : The Outer Limits / Virgin Sleep / People / Human Instinct / Tintern Abbey / Bulldog Breed / 23rd Turnoff / Timebox / Warm Sounds / East of Eden / Denny Laine and World of Oz

For more information on the label go : here


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