Deram Dayze

Deram Dayze Deram Dayze (LIK 6), 18 tracks

Taking a look at the Deram catalogue, this compilation appeared in 1986

Cat Stevens - Portobello Road The Societe - Bird Has Flown
Warm Sounds - Nite Is A Coming Focal Point - Sycamore Sid
23rd Turnoff - Michaelangelo The Pyramid - Summer Evening
Bill Fay - Some Good Advice Warm Sounds - Doo Dah
Denny Laine - Catherine's Wheel Beverly - Happy New Year
Friends - Mythological Sunday The Societe - Breaking Down
Eyes of Blue - Supermarket Full of Cans Human Instinct - Renaissance Fair
Denny Laine - Say You Don't Mind Neil McArthur - She's Not There
The Pyramid - Summer of Last Year Bulldog Breed - Halo In My Hair


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