Electric Asylum

Volume 1 - Rare British Acid Freakrock

Past and Present PAPRCD2093 (2009)

Mighty 'Em - Jekyll & Hyde J.C Heavy - Do What You Like
Asylum - Suzy's Back Choc - The Devil
Iron Horse - Magic Love Danta - Queen Of Sheba
Monsoon - Night Of The Fly Vincent Crane's Atomic Rooster - O.D
Galahad - Rocket Summer Renegrade - Never Let Me Go
J. C Heavy - Is This Really Me? Satisfaction - Love It Is
Rainbow Family - Travellin' Lady Audience - Eye To Eye
Puzzle - Do You Feel The Pain Steel Mill - Get On The Line
Grumbleweeds- In a Teknikolor Dreem Kirk St James - Tears I Cry
The explosive - Hey Presto, Magic Man Legs - So Many Faces


Volume 2 - British Psychedelic Freakrock Rarities

Past and Present PAPRCD2098 (2009)

Cat's Eyes - The Wizard Montanas - Dr Nero
Buster Jangle's Flying Mattress - Love Has Taken Over My Brain Choc - Time
J.C Heavy - Mr Deal Magnet - Mr Guy Fawkes
Eastwood - I Am Free Mosaic - Bird Of Time
Iron Maiden - Falling Chameleon - Who Am I?
Wolfrilla - Song For Jimmi Now - People Are Standing
The Deep Set - Cinnamon Girl Iron Cross - All Of The Time
Steamhammer - Windmill Treetops- Gypsy
Gentry - Attempted Contact Lost Dog - Latchkey Child
Humbug - Ebeneezer J.C Heavy - That Woman's Mind


Volume 3 - Rare British Acid Freakrock

Past and Present PAPRCD2101 (2009)

Renegade - Lovin' and Forgiving Shakane - Rhona
Primitive Man - Animal Love Wheels - She Don't Mean It
Sensations - Oh My Eli Spode - Cincinatti Woman
Puzzle - Houla 1984 - Little Girl
Barracuda - I Feel So Down Greg Robbins - Virginia Creeper
Grumbleweeds - Hey Babe Follow Me Things Fall Apart - Bye Bye My Rose
Boneshaker - Sweetness Roger Ruskin Spear & His Giant Orchestral Wardrobe - Drop Out
Barron Knights - You're All I Need Don Crown - The Flying Machines
Dynasty - Tutankhamun Zebedee - She Couldn't Make Gravy
M.A.S.K - Gotta Get Away Amazon Trust - Sheila Lee