Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks

A lot of tangering toffee treacle has flowed past the Marmalade Marshmallow since the first of the series attempted to plumb the hidden depths of British Beat, punk and psychedelic rock. Now long gone an updated CD with new info came out, leaving out older cuts

Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks (CD) (AIP CD 1054), 22 tracks


Smoke - My Friend Jack (demo) Marmalade - I See The Rain
Pandamonium - No Presents For Me Kingsmen - I Guess I Was Dreamin'
Andy Ellison - Cornflake Zoo Svensk - Dream Magazine
Herbal Mixture - Machines Family - Scene Thru The Eye Of A Lens
Fleur De Lys - Gong With The Luminous Nose Vamp - Floatin'
Skip Bifferty - On Love Lemon Tree - I Can Touch A Rainbow
Big Boy Pete - Cold Turkey Moonkyte - Jelly Man
Dave Clark Five - Maze Of Love Mike Stuart Span - Children Of Tomorrow
Village - Man In The Moon Opal Butterfly - My Gration Or?
Paul & Barry Ryan - I Can't Make A Friend Gary Walker & The Rain - The View
Sweet - Time Gary Walker & The Rain - If You Don't Come Back

Originally released on vinyl :

Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks (AIP 10008), 15 tracks
Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, Vol.2 (AIP 10010), 13 tracks
Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, Vol.3 (AIP 10050), 16 tracks
Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks, Vol.4 (AIP 10052), 14 tracks


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