Fairytales Can Come True

(Psychic Circle PCCD7006) 2007


Summer Of Last Year- The Pyramid

Penelope Breedlove- Dave Christie

Bring a Little Lovin'- Los Bravos

Nine To Five- Promise
You Kissed Him- Fred Lloyd Keeping My Head Above Water- Peppermint Circus
See The People- Lomax Alliance Look Away- Virgil Brothers
Cousin Jane- Barry Benson Upside Down Inside Out- Snappers
A Boy Needs A Girl- Dreams Pumpkin Mini- Katch 22
Mary Anne She- Grisby Dyke Just Another Wedding Day- Brian Connell & The Roundsound
Fairy Tales Can Come True- San Francisco Earthquake Saturday Town- The Darlings
Trees- Gallagher & Lyle Daytime- Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Umbrella Man- Searchers Help Me To Help Myself- Roulettes


Welcome to Psychic Circle's first volume of enchanting UK popsych; 20 previously uncomped tracks amongst which you'll find the pre-Fairport Iain Matthews, the only single from Jackie Lomax's Lomax Alliance, Gallagher & Lyle's unique response to 'Pet Sounds' & a Trogg-like gem from P.J. Proby's hairdresser! Compilers and collectors alike know that there was some wonderful music coming out of the UK in the late 60s and it wasn't all-out psychedelia or floor-filling blueeyed soul. Sure, all these tracks have a psychy feel, and some of them would pack a dancefloor, but really they're more concerned with harmony and pop sensibility. So we're delighted to present 20 dazzling tracks from the UK late 60s scene. All very melodic and refreshing.


Fairy Cakes For Tea: Fairytales Can Come True Vol 2

(Psychic Circle PC CD7015) 2007


Honey Do- The Crackers

Listen To My Heart- The Bats
Mr Smith- The Foresters Umbrella- "14"
Meadow Of My Love- The Youth Fantastic Fair- The Guards
Good Morning Mr Milkman- The Starlites Holly Golightly- Fluff
Look Out Girl- Lloyd Banks Values- Peter
Never An Everyday Thing- Roek's Family Fairy Cakes For Tea- Mike Quinn & The Breadcrumbs
Saturday Night People- Scott Henderson I Feel Like Going Out- Peter & Gordon
I'm On My Way- Dave Andrews & The Sugar I Thought You Thought- Chuckles
Spooky- Sasperella People People- Oliver Norman
Driftwood- The Factotums Gotta Find You- Rescue Co No.1



Let's Ride: Fairy Tales Can Come True Vol 3

(Psychic Circle PC CD 7022) 2008


Little Jackie Monday - Sight & Sound Nobody Knows Why The Butterfly Died - My Kind Of People
Winston G - Riding With The Milkman Mike Batt - Mary Goes Round
Hugo Thomas Valverde & The HT's - We Don't Care The Chanters - Mississippi Paddleboat
Royalty - Let's Ride Des James - City Streets
Les Irresistibles - My Year Is a Day Unit 4+2 - Booby Trap
The Stoics - Earth, Fire, Air & Water Tony Hazzard - The Sound Of The Candy Man's Trumpet
Grand Union - Slowly But Surely The Newmens - What Ya Doin' Down There
Barry Benson - I Can Wait Dave Christie - Love & The Brass Band
Graham Bonney - Mixed Up Baby Girl White Lining - Back In The Sun
Katch 22 - Don't Bother Equipe 84 - 29th September