The Magic ChristianThe Magic Christian (1970)
Director : Joe McGrath
Music : Badfinger & Thunderclap Newman
Starring : Peter Sellers & Ringo Starr

'Peter Sellers as Sir Guy Grand, an idealist with an immaculate line in social sabotage and Ringo Starr as a young vagrant whom Grand adopts as his son, heir and accomplice'

Morgan, A Suitable Case For Treatment (1966)Morgan
Director : Karel Reisz
Music : John Dankworth
Starring : Vanessa Redgrave, David Warner, Irene Handel & Bernard Bresslaw

'Morgan is obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas. He is also obsessed with stopping his ex-wife from marrying a more normal art dealer who is not obsessed with Karl Marx and gorillas...'

PerformancePerformance (1970)
Director : Donald Cammell, Nic Roeg.
Starring : Mick Jagger, James Fox

'Mick Jagger as one-time entertainer who has rejected society to live in seculsion and experiment with ultra-musical forms and James Fox as a criminal on the run who invades Jagger's world'

PrivilegePrivilege (1967)
Director : Peter Watkins
Starring : Paul Jones, Jean Shrimpton, Mark London, Max Bacon & Michael Barrington

Paul Jones becomes a pop messiah and in turn is 'used' by the government

Sebastian (1968)
Director : David Greene
Starring : Dirk Bogarde, Susannah York (Alan Freeman cameos as TV presenter)

'Dirk Bogarde as Oxford Don and master code-breaker, surrounded by hoardes of bright girls, who takes his manual to bed - even when he's on the job - and is so brilliant he can decipher the code in a baby's rattle...'

Smashing TimeSmashing Time (1967)

Director : Desmond Davis
Starring : Rita Tushingham, Lynn Redgrave, Michael York, Anna Quayle, Irene Handel & 'Tomorrow' as The Snarks

'Two girls go to London for an adventure of a lifetime'

The Strange AffairThe Strange Affair (1968)
Director : David Greene
Starring : Michael York, Susan George

'Michael York as a young recruit to the London Metropolitan Police who, on the one hand meets and loves a high-spirited sensual girl (Susan George) and on the other, comes into conflict with a tough detective sergeant (Jeremy Kemp)'

There's A Girl In My Soup (1970)
Director : Roy Boulting
Music : Mike D'Abo
Starring : Peter Sellers, Goldie Hawn & Nicky Henson

'Peter Sellers as philandering TV personality Robert Danvers who meets his match in Goldie Hawn'

ToomorrowToomorrow (1970)
Director : Val Guest
Starring : Olivia-Newton John, Ben Thomas, Karl Chambers & Vic Cooper

'A rather dated look at the pop scene and students which bears little resemblance to reality. This new group have talent, which comes across in the musical interludes, but they're not helped by an inadequate script. Olivia Newton-John stands out as a lively personality'

To Sir With LoveTo Sir With Love (1967)
Director : James Clavell
Music : Ron Grainer, Lulu & The Mindbenders
Starring : Sydney Poitier, Christian Roberts, Suzy Kendall & Judy Geeson

'Negro teacher (Poitier) finds himself in charge of a tough, subordinate class of youths in the East End of London.... The incessant, almost romantic background score and pop songs don't quite catch the mood, so that for the first part of the film certain lines seem like the cue for a song...'

The TouchablesThe Touchables (1970)
Director : Robert Freeman
Screenplay : Ian La Frenais
Music : Nirvana; Wynder K. Frog; Ferris Wheel & Ken Thorne

'Four girls kidnap pop singer Christian to use as a love machine and keep him in their country home, a huge plastic dome in the middle of nowhere'

Up The JunctionUp The Junction (1967)
Directors: Peter Collinson & Bob Kellett
Music : Manfred Mann
Starring : Suzy Kendall, Dennis Waterman, Adrienne Posta, Maureen Lipman & Liz Fraser

'Based on the BBC TV play. A rich girl from Chelsea decides to try her luck in Battersea'

Whats Good For The Goose (1969) Whats Good For The Goose
(Also released as Girl Trouble)
Director : Menaham Golan
Music : The Pretty Things
On location : Southport
Starring : Norman Wisdom, Sally Geeson, Sally Bazely, Terence Alexander

'Norman Wisdom as Timothy Bartlett who picks up a couple of hitch-hiking girls on his way to a business meeting, one of which he falls for and in a chasing attempt to win the girl he ends up shedding his suits for hippy attire'

WonderwallWonderwall (1968)
Director : Joe Massot
Music : Remo Four
Starring : Jack MacGowran, Jane Birkin

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