Hens Teeth

So far the Hens Teeth series has covered the first four volumes of Psychedelia (featuring many rare, unavailable elsewhere tracks) and two volumes from the Purple Heart Surgery (featuring privately recorded R&B / freakbeat cuts)

Hens Teeth vol.1

Hens Teeth Volume 1 (Hen 01CD), 26 tracks

(Compilation from the vaults of Psychedelia vols 1 & 2)


David - Light Of Your Mind Glass Opening - Does It Really Matter
Matadors - Get Down From The Tree Freedom - Trying To Get A Glimpse
Alan Avon & The Toyshop - A Night To Remember Edwick Rumbold - Boggle Woggle
Svensk - Getting Old Wheels Of Time - 1984
Juniors Eyes - The Black Smoke Virgin Sleep - Halliford House
Enough's Enough - Please Remember Mandrake - Sunlight Glide
State Of Mickey & Tommy - I Know What I Would Do The Executives - Moving In A Circle
The Bluejeans - Sandfly John Carter - The Laughing Man
Giorgio & Marco's Men - Baby I Need You Favourite Sons - Walking, Walking, Walking
Hifi's - Tread Softly For Slp's Tangerine Peel - Trapped
Gibsons - City Life Motivation - Little Man
Kinetic - Suddenly Tomorrow Tickle - Good Morning
Enough's Enough - Look Around You Baby Kirkby's - It's A Crime


Hens Teeth vol.2

Hens Teeth Volume 2 - Blocked! (Hen 02CD), 23 tracks

(The best of Purple Heart Surgery Vols 1 & 2)


Unknown - Green Eyes The Specters - Facts Of Life
The King Pins - Maybe Sometime Unknown - Nonsense And Misery
Unknown - Can't Stop The Want I Got For You Babe The King Pins - Baby I Need (Full length version)
Exiles - Love In The Making Craig - Dancing Down In New Orleans
Unknown - You'd Better Get Going Sonic Invasion - Go Out And Get Her
One In A Million - No Smokes Unknown - I'm Gonna Have My Fun
The King Pins - You're My Girl The Prophets - My Little Girl
Unknown - To Be With You The Disturbance - Apple Crumble
The Wheels - I'm Leaving Unknown - (I Am) The Letterman
The Four Aces - Why Do You Sons Of Man - Our Love
John Lee And The Groundhogs - Someone To Love Unknown - McDougal Street Freak Out
The Partisans - All Night Worker  


Hens Teeth vol.3

Hens Teeth Volume 3 - Catherine On The Wheel (Hen 03CD), 26 tracks

(Compilation from the vaults of Psychedelia vols 3 & 4)


Anteeks - I Don't Want You Differences - Sweet Sounds Everywhere
Kippington's Lodge - I Can See Her Face Nimrod - Don't Let It Get The Best Of You
Fire - Man In A Teapot Blue Effect - Sun Is So Bright
Mandrake - Len The Scene - Scenes
Glass Menagerie - Somebody To Love White Trash - Illusions
Non - Marcia Unknown - Out Of My Mind
Smoke - Uttely Simple Flames - Mod Trad
Orange Machine - Dr. Cribbens Waiting Room Nashville Teens - I'm A Lonely One
Barrier - Dawn Breaks Through Mirage - See The Rain
Ron Grainer Orchestra - Boy Meets Girl Matadore - Don't Bother Me
Factory - Castle On A Hill Unknown - Mr. Paradise
Team Dokas - 60 Million Megaton Sunset George Bean - Floatin'
Tales Of Justine - Sitting On A Blunestone Majority - Time Machine Man


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