Hot Smoke & Sassafras

Hot Smoke & Sassafras

Hot Smoke & Sassafras - Psychedelic Pstones Volume One (CMRDC 255)

Looking back at the vaults from the Pye label

The Mooche - Hot Smoke & Sassafras Anan - I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone
The Turnstyle - Riding A Wave Taxi - Counting Time My Way
Scrugg - Lavender Popcorn Orange Seaweed - Pictures In The Sky
The Kinks - Lazy Old Sun Neo Maya - I Won't Hurt You
Orange Machine - Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room Pesky Gee - Where Is My Mind?
Status Quo - Mr. Mind Detector Woody Kern - Biography
Blonde On Blonde - All Day, All Night Gentle Influence - Captain Reale
Episode Six - I Can See Through You The Onyx - Tamaris Khan
The Bystanders - Cave of Clear Light Fresh Air - Running Wild
The Glass Menagerie - Frederick Jordan The Sorrows - Pink, Purple, Yellow, Red
Fire - I Can See The Sky Dave Davies - Creeping Jean
The New Formula - Stay Indoors Status Quo - You're Just What I Was Looking For Today


Haunted - Psychedelic Pstones Volume Two (CMRCD 514)


Peter Thorogood - Haunted West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lillywhite
The Rockin' Berries - Yellow Rainbow Scrugg - Only George
The Orange Machine - Real Life Permanent Dream The Orange Seaweed - Stay A While
Marmalade - Kaleidoscope The Glass Menagerie - She's A Rainbow
The Poets - Locked In A Room The Onyx - So Sad Inside
The Tremeloes - Suddenly Winter The Bobcats - Can't See For Looking
Episode Six - Time and Motion Man The Montanas - The Roundabout
The Kinks - Wicked Annabella The Orange Machine - Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
Blonde On Blonde - Spinning Wheel Consortium - The Day The Train Never Came
The Searchers - Crazy Dreams Blond on Blonde - Country Life
Anan - Haze Woman Anan - Medena
The Status Quo - Auntie Nellie Episode Six - Plastic Love
Tuesday's Children - In The Valley of the Shadow of Love The Kinks - Phenomenal Cat
The Flying Machine - The Flying Machine Tuesday's Children - Mr. Kipling


House Of Many Windows-Psychedelic Pstones Volume Three (CMRCD 659)

A Morgan Blue Town label compilation.

Jude-Morning Morgantown Chimera-Mary's Mystery
Orange Bicycle-Renaissance Fair Bob Grimm-It Never Stays The Same
Smoke-Utterly Simple Chitra Neogy-Leilla
Pussy-Come Back June Barnaby Rudge-Joe Organ & Co
Red Dirt-Memories America-We Should Be Free
Motherlight/Bobak Jons Malone-On a Meadow Lea Smoke-Girl In The Park
Fortes Mentum-Marrakesh Angel Pavement-Water Woman
Angel Pavement-Green Mello Hill Fortes Mentum-Saga Of a Wrinkled Man
Cliff Wade-Sister Fickle Pickle-Sam & Sadie
Cinnamon Quill-Take It Or Leave It Cinnamon Quill-Candy
Orange Bicycle-Amy Peate Orange Bicycle-Hyacinth Threads
Fortes Mentum-Mr Partridge Passed Away Pussy-The Open Ground
Smoke-Sydney Gill (Alt Version) Chimera-Peru
Motherlight/Bobak Jons Malone-House Of Many Windows  

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