Justafixation Justafixation (Funny CD 001), 20 tracks

20 From The 60's UK Psychedelic Subculture

The Mindbenders - My New Day And Age Spider - The Comedown Song
Kippington Lodge - Turn Out The Light Murray Head - She Was Perfection
Jet Harris - My Lady David McNeil - Space Plane
Wonderland - Moscow Legay - No-one
Consotrium - The Day The Train Never Came The Beloved Ones - Land Of Shadow
The Sleepy - Rosie Can't Fly The Secrets - She's Dangerous
Blair Smith - Visions Of Molly Sasho Caro - Never Play A 'B' Side
Billy Nicholls - Portobello Road Sharon Tandy - Gotta Get Enough Time
The Shakespears - Burning My Fingers Cupid's Inspiration - Different Guy
The Slender Plenty - Silver Tree Top School For Boys The Unauthorised Version - Girl In A Bus Queue


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