Piccadilly Sunshine

British Pop Psych and Other Flavours 1965-1970

Past and Present PAPRCD 2107 (2009)

Jason James - Miss Pilkington's Maid Svensk - Dream Magazine
Peppermint Circus - I Won't Be There Christopher - The Race
Roger Bloom's Hammer - Polly Pan Merlin Q - Love's Beautiful
Alan David - Flower Power Mighty Joe Young - Why Don't You Follow Me
Studio Six - Falling Leaves Nocturnes - Fairground Man
Magicians - Slow Motion The Mixture - Never Trust In Tomorrow
Tin Tin - He Wants To Be a Star Mood Of Hamilton - Why Can't There Be More Love
The Cups - Good As Gold Jon - Polly Sunday
Billy Boyle - Pisces Man Tony Fabian - Girl Of The Night
Sounds Incorporated - Dead As a Go-Go Tim Andrews - Sad Simon Lives Again