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This is to announce the publication of GALACTIC RAMBLE, the fullest-ever study of the 60s and 70s UK music scene.
Written by ten experts and covering rock, pop, folk, jazz, psych and more, it features thousands of album reviews alongside a plethora of rare pictures, as well as two sections of colour plates showing the sleeves of many rare LPs. Also included are a lengthy introduction by legendary producer David Hitchcock, numerous top ten lists and a catalogue of rare non-LP 45s by album artists. A4 in size and over 500,000 words in length, it is essential reading for all serious music fans.
The print run is limited, so to buy a copy (or learn more), please visit www.galacticramble.com.



Hugh Dellar contacted me with the following:
"In 2007, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 14-Hour Technicolor Dream event at Alexandra Palace, London, I put together a day of psychedelic lunacy at the ICA. John 'Hoppy' Hopkins, Miles, Joe Boyd and John Dunbar came along to speak; Jeff Dexter span sounds in the basement; Circulus, The Pretty Things and Arthur Brown all played to a backdrop of trippy lightshows - and we managed to persuade psychedelic poster legend Mike McInnerney to  design a poster for us.

Born in Liverpool in 1944, Mike studied graphic design at the London College of Printing. He then worked with George Clark of CND and Hoppy Hopkins on political / community projects producing journals such as People and Politics and The Grove. He then art-edited International Times until it was busted and went on to participate in and produce images for various counter cultural activities. He formed Omtentacle to produce murals, posters, alternative wallpaper and more, before finally moving into more mainstream graphics with the record album cover artwork for 'Tommy', the rock opera by The Who. Subsequent clients included The Sunday Times, Nova Magazine, New Scientist and The Faces rock group, reflecting a developing interest in the image as opinion. He has exhibited and published both nationally and internationally and continues to lecture and design to this day.

Mike designed the legendary iconic poster used to promote the original 14-Hour Technicolor Dream event held as a benefit to raise funds for IT's legal costs. The trail of connections that led me to commission Mike to design the poster for our 40th anniversary event was as long and winding as you'd expect - but resulted in Mike producing his first psychedelic image in nearly 40 years! The poster's image present present a pied piper figure in a bubble floating over a landscape as a visual reference to the '67 image. The spirit of 2007 rises like a new-born butterfly alive for one magnificent day. Its wings represent a knowing stare onto the festivities about to unfold. In another reading, the butterfly figure refers to the dawn of the Aquarian Age and the rise of feminine values, which express care for the earth over masculine images, as a fallen angel, that has exhausted the earth. The poster's narratives, its use of pattern and colour, its borrowing from both Eastern and Western mythologies, signs and symbols contribute to its psychedelic personality. 40 years on and such meanings are as fresh as ever.

The 1967 poster was silkscreen printed using two, same size, black and white artworks, one for each colour. A large camera coped the artworks onto film for the screens. The first artwork, defining the circles, was used for the rainbow ink effect produced by laying out two separate inks which were blended by a single pull of the squeegee. As the printing progressed, the inks were changed so that no two posters were the same. The second artwork, defining the picture, printed black.

For the 2007 poster, silkscreen printing was also used and the process was essentially replicated. A same size black and white drawing was created for the purple. The large camera used in 1967 is now obsolete so the image was digitally scanned and the artwork later created on computer for the blended colours, blue through lime green.

Only 500 posters were made for the Our Technicolor Dream event - and no more will be ever be made. This is a numbered, closed set, with each poster individually numbered and signed by Mike himself. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of psychedelic history by one of the legends and true masters.

I have twenty posters available and am selling each for the give-away sum of forty English pounds, including P&P.
For further information or to order, please contact me at: hughdellar@mac.com


Attention Blossom Toes fans! The guys at Retrophobic have just posted a massive interview with Brian Godding that  you will all be interested in reading, and it's in both Italian and English :-)

And this is the English one:

Retrophobic Webmagazine


New Adventures In Toytown!

Anyone who loves our Trip To Toytown compilation will, I'm certain, absolutely adore a new collection from Mark Kirk (who did the stunning artwork on the Trip... set). 4 discs of tracks from the 70s, 80s and 90s, all influenced by the original 60s Toytown Sound. Toytown is a wonderful place to play once again...

1. We're Off You Know - Klaatu
2. Hourglass - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
3. Playground - XTC
4. Cherry Orchard Way - Spiderbaby
5. Mrs. Hoomore - the Strawberry Jam
6. Look at Merri - The Rain Parade
7. Alice's House - Paul Roland
8. Cheshire Cat - The Virgineers
9. Balloon Man- Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians
10. At the Sea - Pugwash
11. It's a Wonderful Place - Paul Bevoir
12. Happy Birthday - Altered Images
13. Concerning Helen White - The Squires of the Subterrain
14. Dear Prudence - Siouxsie and the Banshees
15. Mrs. Green - The Three O'Clock
16. Tin Toy Clockwork Train - Andy Partridge
17. Alvin's Workshop - Mark Mikel
18. Kingsley J. - Vibrasonic
19. Games for Boys - Television Personalities
20. Chatty Patty - The Minders
21. The Make Believe World of Melanie Bennett - The Jet Set


1. The Man Who Invented Himself - Robyn Hitchcock
2. Libbyland - Wondermints
3. Alice - The Eyes of Mind
4. Looking Glass Girl - The Glove
5. In Search of Peter Pan - Kate Bush
6. And So We Run - The Three O'Clock
7. House Of Small - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
8. Mrs. Toad's Cookies - Klaatu
9. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - Spongetones
10. Alexander Mannequin - The Squires of the Subterrain
11. Peasant Girls - The Pillbugs
12. I Could Be Happy - Altered Images
13. Lavender Lane - Sun
14. Judy's Toy Box - The Jet Set
15. Archie Kyte - Kyte
16. Matilda Mother - Paul Roland
17. The Maypole of Merry Mount - The Strawberry Jam
18. Magic Rocking Horse - Plasticland
19. Toys - XTC
20. The Diary of Horace Wimp - Electric Light Orchestra
21. The Farmer and the Fisherman - The Key
22. Diesel Train - The Virgineers


1. Lend Me a Flower - Marikesh
2. Toytown People - The Fabulous Poodles
3. Admiral Albert's Apparition - The Squires of the Subterrain
4. Simon in the Park - The Three O'Clock
5. When I Was a Kid - Robyn Hitchcock
6. Mummy You're Not Watching Me - Television Personalities
7. Mom I Can Fly - The Orgone Box
8. Ferry-Go-Round - Dog Age
9. Hole In My Shoe - Nigel Planer
10. Doubleback Alley - The Rutles
11. Dr. Glouster - The Virgineers
12. Mad John - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
13. The Puppet Master - Sun
14. Cry Baby Cry - Barry Holdship
15. Alice, I Wonder - The Strawberry Jam
16. See Emily Play - The Chemistry Set
17. The Gingerbread House - Plasticland
18. Magic Circle - Merry Makers
19. Sir Bodsworth Rugglesby III - Klaatu
20. Rip Van Ruben - Andy Partridge
21. Sally Warren's Lost Cause - The Jet Set
22. Real Toys - Altered Images
23. We're Going Down to the Boathouse - The Lolas



1. Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade is Coming - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
2. Have You Seen Jackie - The Dukes of Stratosphear
3. Hilly Fields - Nick Nicely
4. Mrs. Brown - The Virgineers
5. Al Gabone - The Pillbugs
6. Up and Away - Magic Island
7. Clara Voyant's Octopus - Zeus Henderson
8. Alistair - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
9. Alice's House - Psychedelic Furs
10. Jet Fighter - The Three O'Clock
11. Vallerie Vanillaroma - The Orange Alabaster Mushroom
12. It's a Smiley Face World - Sun
13. Animal Crackers - Paul Roland
14. Mr. Alphabet Says - The Glove
15. The Mad Professor - Paul Bevoir
16. When She Came Around - Walter Ghoul's Lavender Brigade
17. Let's Make a Den - XTC
18. Vaudeville Park - The Jet Set
19. Under the Big Top - The Blow Pops
20. Up and Down On Your Merry-Go-Round - The Pillbugs
21. Tracy Hide - Wondermints



Esoteric forthcoming releases 2008/2009


Chris Wood – Vulcan -----A new studio album recorded in the late 70's with the "Traffic" maestro featuring Steve Winwood and the Wailers. Sadly this album never achieved a release in Chris's lifetime but serves as a great reminder of his immense contribution to Traffic. Instrumental.

Ashley Hutchings & Ernesto De Pascale - My Land is your Land. A new folk rock studio album featuring guest Ken Nichol. Recorded in Italy and featuring Italian musicians.

Trader Horne-Morning Way - Excellent acid folk with Judy Dyble

Stomu Yamashta - continuing Esoteric’s Yamashta titles. Go! Live in Paris (featuring Klaus Schulz and Steve Winwood and Al Di Meola)--highly regarded, Freedom is Frightening (maybe his most proggy release) and Raindog

Quintessence - Indweller

Hardin and York - Worlds Smallest Big Band


November releases

Spirit of the Age-Hawkwind--3CD compilation from 1976-1984, clamshell box format with 48 page book and fab Phil Smee artwork. Some unreleased and rare tracks.

The Dream Goes On-Hawkwind 3Cd compilation from 1985-1997, clamshell box format with 48 page book and fab Phil Smee artwork. Some rare tracks.

These two compilations are released on "Atomhenge" which is a new Esoteric imprint for Hawkwind related releases following Cherry Red’s acquisition of the Hawkwind catalogue post 1975-1997. The catalogue titles will commence in January 2009 .


The Soft Boys

Fans of Robyn Hitchcock and The Soft Boys are encouraged to click on this link:

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/VegetableFriends/   * The original Syd Barrett & Robyn Hitchcock discussion group



NEVER TOO OLD TO ROCK is the new album by Legend. This is the first all new Legend CD for 36 years. Musicians featured on the album include Mickey Jupp, Mo Witham, Bobby Clouter and John Bobin (all in Legend many moons ago) with some additional help from Alan Beecham (who played with Mo, John and Bobby in The Fingers over 40 years ago.) Chris East (who played in the acoustic line up of Legend in the late sixties) has masterminded this project and Barry Vernon was the producer. Orders are now being taken for the album via Chris East’s Mickey Jupp website.  Click on the album cover below to place your order! 

Album cover

  The price will be a maximum of £10 including Postage within the European Union...........nominal postage fees to other countries. No advance payment required. 


Don't forget--if you want to receive the wonderful new psych e-zine 'Laura's Garden', all you have to do is send an e-mail to lauras_garden@msn.com with the word 'Subscribe' in the title header. You won't regret it!


Juley has made a nice video for Beeside by Tintern Abbey. It's on YouTube here:





Further to the last entry, here's the follow-up event on 29th August (That's NEXT Friday!)

Omar (aka Red Son) here from Take a Trip. You may remember I hosted an evening of 60's Psych,Garage Punk, Freakbeat, etc back in February of this year which, despite a few hitches , was a success. Well due to popular demand I've decided to put on Take a Trip part 2 on Friday ,August 29th 2008. It will bring with it improved, groovy psychedelic lighting along with the very best in real Psychedelic,Pop-sike, Garage/Punk, Freakbeat, Acid-rock, Sunshine Pop, Bubblegum and psych- era  hits,too. Hopefully I won't be hitting the pause button while a tune is playing as much as last time so I reckon we can get an even groovier dance floor going (though the last one was pretty groovy)! The venue will be the same as last time: Sharpingtons Bar,St. Thomas' Hospital (across the river from Houses of Parliament), Ground Floor, South Wing. Entrance is on Westminster Bridge Road and you can ask for directions at the Info Desk or call Sharpingtons at 02071886631 after 5 pm. I'm aware the venue does lack a bit of character  but hopefully the lighting and tunes will make up for it. The bar is free for Thomas-Guy club members and is only £1.00 for non-members ( though they didn't seem to enforce it too strictly) and the night will be running from 5:30 pm- around 12:00 midnight. Hopefully more of the genre specialists will be out as the bulk of what I'll be playing will be fairly obscure. I look forward to seeing and meeting you all and if you need any more info email me at: Omar.Sheriff@gstt.sthames.nhs.uk




I received the following message, which looks very interesting for all Psych fans in and around London:

Hi Mick,
       My name's Omar and I'm a big fan of 60's psych ( and 60's music generally). I'm writing to let you know that I will be attempting to start a regular pub evening of Psych/Pop-sike, etc. at Sharpingtons Bar which is located at St. Thomas' Hospital  (Ground floor , South Wing ) in London. St. Thomas' Hospital is located at the south end of Westminster Bridge (directly across the Thames from the Houses Of Parliament ) at 1 Lambeth Palace Rd. The night will be called Take a Trip and will run from around 5:30 pm- 11:00pm ( although the manager has hinted that she can push it later if things are going well) on Friday February 29th 2008. Entrance is free to all Guys and St. Thomas' Hospital Trust staff with ID and costs only £1.00 for non-staff patrons.Though the choice of venue may seem strange the bar is spacious and modern with a good standard selection of drinks at standard pub prices I would like to invite all psych/ garage lovers to come and kick back( or cut some rug) and enjoy some quality music. While I will be focussing primarily on Psych and Pop-sike I will also be dipping my toes into Folk-rock, Sunshine/Harmony Pop, Acid Rock, Freakbeat, Bubblegum, Hammond groove, Mod, raga-Rock and Acid folk. Though I will be playing some of the more obvious big Names from the era ( Floyd, Airplane,Beatles, Zombies,Grateful Dead, etc) I will also be delving into lots more obscure stuff also so afficianado's will not be disappointed! I hope any 60's psyche enthusiasts in the London area( or beyond) will drop by and help make the evening one to remember and bring back psychedelia as a viable pub/club music format. Any more info can be gotten from me at : Omar.Sheriff@gstt.sthames.nhs.uk . I look forward to seeing and meeting you. Take Care, Omar (aka Red Son)


Gianluca from Italy has been in touch again, to inform us that the 2nd and the 3rd part of his interview with Peter Daltrey are finally online.
Here are the links:

2nd part

3rd part


Great news from Top Sounds!

Hi folks, firstly I'd like to thank those of you who subscribed to the mailing list from the website - as least now there is something to write to you about!
Due to design delays the follow up to last year's 'Shapes And Sounds' has been rather a long time coming, and the CD edition is still not finished yet. However - and rather too close to Christmas I know (!) - I now have vinyl copies here which I'm pleased to say look and sound great.
I've had to raise the selling price just a little from last time - sorry but these things don't get any cheaper to make and one day I thought it might be nice to break the profit barrier (fat chance!), and of course Top Sounds needs to continue to make at least some money to present further volumes of music to you. Anyway this latest Top Sounds release is well worth every penny, the usual attractive colourful sleeve, nice BBC style labels and and the now customary 16 page booklet, full of pics, BBC session details and pages and pages of my often rather boring writing.
The CD version should hopefully be available sometime in February, mean while here's the promotional blurb for the vinyl - postage within the UK is £2.25, Europe is £3.25, rest of the world please email me and enquire.
If you wish to order straight away, my paypal address is virginsleep@aol.com, or cheques in Pounds Sterling should be made payable to NIGEL LEES at
Please don't hesitate to email with any queries or questions.
All the best

SHAPES AND SOUNDS VOLUME TWO - ‘Shades Of Deepest Purple from the BBC archives 1967 - 1971’




Vinyl £13.99


  With this second excavation of previously unreleased live BBC session performances spanning the period 1967 - 1971, ‘Shapes And Sounds’ becomes a series and Volume Two features a completely different line up of bands from last years’ set. Pride of place on this second edition arguably goes to the Gun, with three astonishing performances that were recorded nearly a year before ‘Race With The Devil’ which illustrate their late ’67 menu of mod and psych pop, with cracking versions of Rupert’s People’s ‘Hold On’, Paul Simon’s ‘A Most Peculiar Man’ and a quite splendid airing of their legendary ‘Light On The Wall’! The Casuals surprise with the beat of ‘Midnight Confessions’ and ‘Take Me For A Little While’ as well as a fine rendering of ‘Jesamine’, whilst the Mirage perform a live version of their May 1967 single ‘The Wedding Of Ramona Blair’. The Alan Bown play an excellent take of ‘Magic Handkerchief’ and even more interestingly offer two numbers that never appeared on any Bown release, with the self penned progressive popper ‘Movie Star Baby’ and a brilliant interpretation of the Association’s ‘Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies’. Also with three tracks on ‘Shapes And Sounds’ are Wales’ Bystanders, who turn in a lovely version of ‘Royal Blue Summer Sunshine Day’ as well as a glorious homage to the Byrds with ‘Renaissance Fair’. Even better and long talked about in collectors circles but never previously released is their absolutely stunning rendition of ‘I Am The Walrus’, which Top Sounds are sure will disappoint no-one!

Sourced from an off air recording of their only British television appearance on Disco 2, Killing Floor perform ‘Milkman’ from their ‘Out Of Uranus’ LP in superb quality (the TV show was wiped decades ago) and of similarly heinous rarity are live tracks from Portrait and Katch 22, who turn in forceful renderings of ‘Born To Be Wild’ and ‘The Price Of Love’ respectively (the latter of which is better than the Status Quo cover!)

   The sound quality is absolutely superb throughout, with twelve of the sixteen tracks sourced from original BBC Transcription records. The other performances have been taken from excellent off air recordings and similarly shine and though few of the tracks on the collection needed much enhancement at all, all have nevertheless been professionally restored and mastered. The presentation is immaculate and as with the previous ‘Shapes And Sounds’ release, Artholeghraphics have designed a memorable period flavoured package. The LP has a sixteen page colour booklet based on a vintage Radio Times packed with illustrations, band histories and listings of all their known BBC sessions written and supplied by Nigel Lees, author of much of Record Collector magazine’s ‘The British Psychedelic Trip’ series. Except for the Mirage recording being bootlegged many years ago (in lesser quality!), none of the tracks have ever been commercially available and most have not been heard in public since the 60’s. The compact disc version will be available early in 2008.

   All copies are hand numbered and ‘Shapes And Sounds’ is a legitimate limited edition release, licensed from the BBC with the blessing / co-operation of many band members.

   The projected release date of the vinyl album is December 2007.



          Nigel Lees

            Top Sounds Ltd


Pasi Koivu has opened a site (supported by Clive Jones) for Pesky Gee!


BTW, don't forget the new DVD featuring long thought lost footage of Black Widow doing their Sacrifice thing!


Our new MS HOPS Honorary Member has asked for a small favour...

Hello, muh luvly duhlings :)
Looks like I've been entered in the Famecast comedy contest. Well, 'might as well try to score. So, would you mind taking a moment out and casting your vote for me? The? URL is posted below. You can vote once every day. If I win, perhaps they'll give me a sandwich, or a ticket to the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' museum, or a sex toy...

Thank you for helping me out. If I win, I'll owe you! Perhaps, a sandwich, or a ticket to the 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' museum, or a sex toy...
Markie :)
Mark P. Wirtz
aka, Michael Sinclair


Here's a message from Italy. This is really worth a look. Some great, rarely seen pics there:

"Hi Mick,
this is Gianluca from Rome(Italy) With a couple of friends I run this website called http://www.retrophobic.com.
I write to you  just to inform we just posted our special about the superfine British psych band Kaleidoscope. Online you'll find the first part of our massive interview with Peter Daltrey, original singer of the band. He turned on the time machine and took us for a trip to the real Swinging London, smelling incense and revolution...
We hope you'll will enjoy!

Here is the link- English version -> scroll mouse down a bit ;-)


All the best
Gianluca Tedesco"



Latest releases from Esoteric include nice re-issues of the legendary "New World's Fair" by Michael Moorcock & The Deep Fix (with contributions by several members of Hawkwind) and the laid-back jazzy Prog of "Samurai", featuring the talents of ex-Web and future Greenslade keyboardist/ vocalist Dave Lawson. Many more to come @ www.esotericrecordings.com


Here's a message from the great Steve Brayne:

Thought you might like to know that my current band, Big Road, have re-recorded Butterfly and the new version can be heard on myspace.com/bigroadbluesbanduk - it's different!

You might also be interested to hear that I am currently working on some new material with Alex Lane, who now lives in LA and still plays fantastic Hammond, and that there may well be some new tracks appearing soon under the name of The Fox.

Thanks for all the support you have given us over the last few years - very encouraging!

All the best

Steve Brayne
The Fox



The year 2003 saw the inception of Eclectic Discs, the home of good music and the label of choice for discerning music lovers

 throughout the world. Eclectic’s releases quickly became regarded as the watchword for quality packaging and

 superb remastering in the world of both catalogue reissues and frontline releases by classic artists, with over fifty

 individual titles released by the label.


Now, the people who brought you Eclectic Discs bring you  Esoteric Recordings, a new identity, 

but still a home for good music with the emphasis on quality packaged and remastered catalogue reissues and inspiring new works

 from artists with a history and heritage. Esoteric is an exciting part of a new chapter for label manager Mark Powell 

that began with Eclectic Discs, and continues as part of the Cherry Red group of labels. Mark said “Cherry Red Records is the 

oldest independent record label in Britain, born of the glory days of the UK indie music scene of the late 1970’s.

 Whilst their compatriots have either gone by the wayside or have become part of multi-national corporations,

Cherry Red have always stayed true to their ideals. It’s an exciting prospect to establish Esoteric Recordings 

within the company and to be part of their continuing story. I’m looking forward immensely to working with Ian McNay,

 Adam Velasco and all at Cherry Red to develop Esoteric into an identity to be proud of”.


The first releases on Esoteric will appear in September 2007 and will feature titles by Rare Bird, Egg, Gong leader

 Daevid Allen, Paladin, Marsupilami, Big Sleep and a 2CD anthology by British progressive

 jazz rock outfit Jonesy. In addition the label will be releasing frontline products in the form of the

 first ever DVD and a new live album recorded by John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest 

at Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London in November 2006.



Great new release from Circle!

Only known for the one single in 1968 “Ice Cream Tree” /”Julius Caesar” on Mercury,( and largely misunderstood from this to be a ‘pop’ act), Birmingham’s Breakthru were in fact one of the loudest, hairiest and most exciting ‘psychedelic’ rock bands of their time. However, they could create soulful, sensitive or just plain ‘catchy’ sounds too. Young and very fashionable, many audiences had seen nothing like them. They took their wild stage show, complete with smoke and lights, all over Great Britain: Playing many of London’s most important clubs of the day in the process, such as “Happening 44”, “The Electric Garden”, “Blaises” and “The Marquee”. They also were resident at a club in Switzerland for a time, and made a big impression at Plumpton’s 1969 “National Jazz and Blues Festival”.

This is their first complete album, and gathers together all their surviving recordings. Despite the sole single release, the band recorded much material from 1967 to 1970. Included here are their cancelled second Mercury 45 “Peer Gynt”/”Troubleshoot”, alongside twelve other unreleased titles, and two which only made a brief appearance on a contemporary compilation. The ‘album’ C.D. runs for over 50 minutes, and has been put together to show the band as the ex-members would like best to be remembered. The ‘E.P.’ disc contains their single release, alongside three of their earliest/more pop-orientated numbers.Together, these show the band’s musical range in full. In the overcrowded, constantly re-cycling ‘60s reissue market, this is  new, fresh and largely unheard, restored as far as possible from original tapes and acetates.In development for over a year, this C.D. gives something different to the seasoned collector and curious ‘adventurer’ alike.

CIRCLE CPW C108 (also on double vinyl album)


By Frogg Moody and Richard Nash
'Hold Tight!' will be published by Timezone in October 2007 at a cover price of £12.99. The book consists of approximately 95000 words plus appendices and is extensively illustrated with photographs - many of which (including of The Beatles) are previously unpublished - and other ephemera such as posters, tickets and press cuttings.
'Hold Tight!' tells the story of the music scene in Salisbury from the immediate post-war era through to the end of the 1960s. Popular music and culture developed quickly and dramatically during this period and the book will set the local scene within the context of changes in style and popularity. The story moves from the big band and swing era, through skiffle, rock'n'roll, pop, merseybeat, rhythm'n'blues, the mods, psychedelia, the blues boom and progressive rock, picking up the influences of styles such as jazz, folk and soul along the way.
During this period all manner of 'big names' appeared in Salisbury - from Ted Heath, Lonnie Donegan, Buddy Holly, The Beatles and The Stones, Pink Floyd and Cream all the way to Fleetwood Mac and many others - and the venues in which they performed tended to change with the styles as the dance halls such as The Cadena and The Assembly Rooms gave way to the Gaumont Theatre, the 'ballroom' at The City Hall and eventually the nightclub atmosphere at The Alexandra Rooms.
The authors of 'Hold Tight!' have researched these events and, as well as being able to provide the facts as to venues, dates and performers (which will appear as an appendix to the main book). They have also interviewed fans who have memories of many of these acts - from those who attended every show they could possibly get to, to the girl who happened to bump into a Beatle and got his autograph on a cigarette packet.
Local artists were naturally influenced by the national and international scene, and Salisbury had its share of good acts. The book will record the fans' memories of them and the authors have also interviewed those directly involved in order to tell their stories. From the 'stars' such as Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich and Rosemary Squires to those who recorded but remain something of a cult - The Purge and The FBI, those who 'nearly were' until fate intervened - The Moonrakers, The Avengers, Marble Orchard - and those that just played for the hell of it - of which there were many. In addition to the examples given here, 'Hold Tight!' will feature dozens of other local acts and their personnel and discographies will also appear as an appendix to the main book.
The book is already provoking a lot of interest so if you would like to reserve a copy (or more than one!) please let Richard know  via dikkifab@btopenworld.com and he will add you to the list. If you need it/them to be posted this will cost extra but we do not know exactly how much until we know precisely how much it will weigh. If you reserve any books Richard will contact you again during October to arrange payment/delivery etc.
In the meantime the cover of the book can be seen at www.timezonepublishing.com



Toytown lovers may be interested to know that our friend Roger Houdaille has uploaded many of the tracks featured on our Trip To Toytown page to his Internet Radio Station. 

If you're interested in tuning it, it's at  http://www.live365.com/stations/dippyradio

and it is scheduled to play 2pm - 6pm eastern time, which is 7-11pm in the UK.

Meanwhile, the Godlike Mark Kirk has put all 119 tracks onto a 5 CDR set, complete with wonderful artwork. You can download the discs and inserts using the following links:







I don't know whether it might be of interest to you or your readers but I have a substantial account of personal band experience during the '60s on my blog (address below).

Weblog - Dick Jones' Patteran Pages (http://patteran.typepad.com/patteran_pages/2007/week18/index.html)

Very interesting stuff indeed. Thanks for the link Dick!


The Candles

Anyone interested in psychedelic folky tales will like this:

Hi mick
would you mind putting my blog URL on your spontanious marmalade creation


also imagine camberwick green/trumpton on your favourite mind extension


i hope you like them

best wishes
anne dee wren of the candles


"Fairytales Can Come True"--a new Psych-Pop compilation from Nick Saloman. 


Track Listing:
1.THE PYRAMID: Summer Of Last Year (Hiett). Deram DM111. 1966
2.LOS BRAVOS: Bring A Little Lovin' (Vanda, Young). Decca F22765. 1968.
3.FRED LLOYD: You Kissed Him (Lloyd). Polydor BM 56055. 1966
4.THE LOMAX ALLIANCE: See The People (Cannon, Peters) CBS 2729. 1967
5.BARRY BENSON: Cousin Jane (Page, Matthews). Parlophone R 5578. 1967
6.DREAMS: A Boy Needs A Girl (O'Donoghue). United Artists UP2249. 1968
7.GRISBY DYKE: Mary Ann She (Bickerton, Waddington). Deram DM 232. 1969
8.SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE: Fairy Tales Can Come True (Have You Heard About
Lucy) (Young). Mercury MF 1036. 1968
9.GALLAGHER-LYLE: Trees (Gallagher, Lyle). Polydor 56170. 1967
10.THE SEARCHERS: Umbrella Man (Young). Liberty LBF 15159. 1968
11.DAVE CHRISTIE: Penelope Breedlove (Christie, Hall) Mercury MF 1028. 1968
12.PROMISE: Nine To Five (Morgan, Webber). NEMS 56-4129. 1969
13.PEPPERMINT CIRCUS: Keeping My Head Above Water (Ward). Polydor 56288.
14.THE VIRGIL BROTHERS: Look Away (Doyle). Parlophone R5787. 1969
15.THE SNAPPERS: Upside Down Inside Out (Murray) CBS 2719. 1967
16.KATCH 22: Pumpkin Mini (Tokenam Aw). Fontana TF 984. 1968
17.BRIAN CONNELL & THE ROUNDSOUND: Just Another Wedding Day (Moore, Morgan).
Philips BF 1661. 1968
18.DARLINGS: Saturday Town (Stewart, Langley) CBS 2932 1967
19.HEDGEHOPPERS ANONYMOUS: Daytime (Fredenucci, Stewart, Saunders). Decca
F12479. 1966
20.THE ROULETTES: Help Me To Help Myself (Ballard). Fontana TF 876. 1967


From The Freak Emporium:

Real Life, Permanent Dreams: A Cornucopia Of British Psychedelia 1965-70 - Various. 4-CD Box Set, PRE-ORDER PRICE ONLY £28 GBP

After the great disappointment of the second Nuggets box set, its great to finally see a collection that really does try to do the British late '60s psychedelic scene justice. Packaged in a long box, this is a magic carpet ride through the British pscyhedelic scene of the mid to late '60's. These hundred odd tracks are drawn largely from the treasured vaults of the Pye, CBS and RCA labels. As well as big hitters, there are songs making their debut on CD: several previously unreleased tracks, ultra rare alternative takes, US versions radio and live broadcasts. This has been compiled clearly with collectors in mind. Includes: "Snow White" by Winston's Fumbs, "I Know She Believes" by Picadilly Line, "Open Ground" by  Pussy, "Lady Caroline" by Velvett Fogg, "Mazy" by Peep Show and many many more.

Due in 28 May 2007 - Pre-Order Price Only

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. My Friend Jack - Smoke (4)
2. No More You And Me - Tornados (1)
3. Cheat - Lord Sutch
4. Doctor Doctor - Frame (3)
5. Day And Night - Drag Set
6. Fancy - Kinks
7. I Don't Want You - Traffic Jam (1)
8. Breaking Up Scene - Honeybus
9. Snow White - Winston's Fumbs
10. I Like It - Christian, Neil & The Crusaders
11. Black Sheep RIP - Australian Playboys
12. Circles - Fleur De Lys
13. Lilac Hand Of Menthol Dan - Bolan, Marc & John's Children
14. You're Holding Me Down - Buzz (1)
15. I Take It That We're Through - Riot Squad (2)
16. Come On Back - Paul & Ritchie/Cryin' Shames
17. It's A Crime - Kirkbys
18. Love Me Till The Sun Shines - Kinks
19. Hippy Gumbo - Bolan, Marc
20. Gently Tender - Incredible String Band
21. Sunny Goodge Street - Donovan (1)
22. Linda Loves Linda - Floribunda Rose
23. Up On The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire - Small Faces
24. Rubber Monkey - Santa Barbara Machine Head
25. You've Got To Hold On - Deviants (1)
26. Season Of The Witch - Driscoll, Julie & Brian Auger/The Trinity

Disc: 2

1. Loving Sacred Loving - End (1)
2. All Day All Night - Blonde On Blonde
3. Crazy One - Ramases & Selket
4. Man In Black - Skip Bifferty
5. Yellow Balloon - Icarus (2)
6. Real Life Permanent Dream - Orange Machine
7. Clown - Eire Apparent
8. When The Wind Arises - Rokes
9. I'm Flying - Serendipity (3)
10. Trip On An Orange Bicycle - Orange Bicycle
11. Utterly Simple - Smoke (4)
12. London Social Degree - Nicholls, Billy
13. Golden Lion - Lomax Alliance
14. Sunshine Day - Jethro Tull
15. Boy Meets Girl - Paper Blitz Tissue
16. Cave Of Clear Light - Bystanders
17. I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone - Anan (1)
18. Man In A Shop - Marmalade
19. Lord John - Bobcats
20. Mazy - Peep Show
21. Bakerman - Moon's Train
22. Love Hate Revenge - Episode Six
23. Good Evening - Tickle (2)
24. It - Excelsior Spring
25. Night Is A Comin' (aka Lindyloo) - Warm Sounds
26. Fire - Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Disc: 3

1. Pictures Of Matchstick Men - Status Quo
2. Five White Horses - Sun Dragon
3. Riding A Wave - Turnstyle
4. I Know She Believes - Picadilly Line
5. Hey Mr Carpenter - Fox (2)
6. Bitter Thoughts Of Little Jane - Timon
7. Disappear - Gilbert
8. Encpasulated Marigold - Our Plastic Dream
9. Henry Long - Epics
10. Lullaby - Grapefruit
11. I've Seen To Dream - Harmony Grass
12. Nodnol - Spectrum (5)
13. Colour Sergeant Lilywhite - West Coast Consortium
14. Seeing Things Green - Yellow Bellow Room Boom
15. Golden Apples - Californians
16. Don't Turn Around - Loot (2)
17. Silver Tree Top School For Boys - Beatstalkers
18. Give Him A Flower - Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
19. Fade Away Maureen - Hazzard, Tony
20. Yellow Rainbow - Rockin' Berries
21. Sylvie - Hill
22. Fool From Upper Eden - Ellison, Andy
23. Love And Best Wishes - Uglys
24. Sunshine - Gun (1)
25. Green Circles - Twice As Much
26. Mr Job - Brown, Alan Set
27. Happydaystorytown - Small Faces

Disc: 4

1. Circus Days - Junior's Eyes
2. No Home Today - Kult
3. Lady Caroline - Velvett Fogg
4. Go Your Way - Andromeda (2)
5. Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon - Nice
6. Horse - Gopal, Sam
7. Candlelight - Hardin, Eddie & Pete York
8. How Can I Live - Fat Mattress
9. Tarot - Bown, Andy
10. Light Of Love - Humble Pie
11. On A Meadow Lea - Bobak Jons Malone
12. Open Ground - Pussy
13. Fair Maiden - Woody Kern
14. Empty Room - Man (2)
15. Venus - Samson (2)
16. My Gration Or - Opal Butterfly
17. Thank You Pierrot Lunaire/Have You Ever Been Green/Pataphysical Introduction 2 - Soft Machine
18. Felix - Andwella's Dream
19. Born In A Trunk - Spice (4)
20. All In Your Mind - Stray


A message from Mr Tickle:

I have set up a group on myspace for the Rubble Series, kind of like a fan club of sorts. The URL for it is below:
Could you possibly post a message on the Spontaneus Marmalade Creation about this? I am hoping to get a lot of members in it, so the Rubble flame doesn't go out.
Thank you,
Alex Tickle (Moderator)



I've been reminded that I've forgotten to mention the upcoming festivities at the ICA, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream. Go to www.myspace.com/ourtechnicolordream and find out all about it.


Here's a request from Lewis Hamilton (Mr Happening)

Sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if you would consider linking 
to my new website: happening45.co.uk selling original psych vinyl. It 
used to be a mail order list (called happening67) but has now gone 

Glad to oblige Lewis. 


Jimmy Campbell RIP
Writer of psychedelic classics

James Campbell, singer and songwriter: born Liverpool 4 January 1944; married (one daughter); died Liverpool 12 February 2007.


Everybody who heard the Liverpool singer and songwriter Jimmy Campbell recognised his talent. Why did he receive so little acclaim? Much of the reason lies in his own personality, but he has left behind some fine songs that he recorded as part of the Kirkbys, 23rd Turnoff and Rockin' Horse as well as on his own. Campbell mocked his own lack of success in "Tremendous Commercial Potential" (1971) and he once told me, "A lot of my songs are cries for help and I suppose that's why they didn't make the grade."

Like many young Liverpool lads, Campbell formed a beat group, the Panthers, and on 13 January 1962 they supported the Beatles at Hambleton Hall in Huyton. As in a western showdown, John Lennon stood at the front of the stage checking out the new boy in town. Campbell was to regard Lennon and McCartney as the best songwriters in the world, adding, "McCartney had that magic, that self-confidence, and I never had that."

In March 1964, the Panthers were recording for the Radio Luxembourg programme Sunday Night at the Cavern and the compere, Bob Wooler, confused their name with the suburb where they lived, calling them the Kirkbys. As the Kirkbys, they recorded for RCA and their single "It's a Crime" was released in 1966. After a tour with Herman's Hermits in Finland, they acquired a cult following and two of Campbell's best songs, "Don't You Want Me No More" and "Bless You", were only released there.

In line with the psychedelic times, they changed their name to 23rd Turnoff (actually the exit from the M6 to the East Lancs Road) and recorded "Michaelangelo" (1967) for Decca's progressive label Deram. The intended follow-up, "Another Vincent Van Gogh", was cancelled as sales were disappointing. It is now viewed as a prime example of UK psychedelia and the collection of the Kirkbys/23rd Turnoff work, The Dream of Michaelangelo (2004), had superb reviews. "I wish we had done something on Van Gogh," said Campbell:

I was sick when Don McLean wrote his "starry, starry night" rubbish. Van Gogh was a hard man and a hard drinker and I put myself in his shoes.

Some of Campbell's songs were recorded by Liverpool acts: "She'll Get No Lovin' That Way" (Escorts), "Dreamin'" (Merseys), "Penny in My Pocket" (Merseys) and "Keep Me Warm Til the Sun Shines" (Swinging Blue Jeans). The Blue Jeans recorded Campbell's song independently and, when they took it to EMI, the record company supported their regular producer, Wally Ridley, and refused to release it. When it finally appeared in 2003, it could be seen as another psychedelic classic.

In 1969, Campbell signed to Fontana as a solo performer and he released Son of Anastasia (1969), Half-Baked (1970) and The Jimmy Campbell Album (1972). He worked with Billy Kinsley of the Merseybeats as Rockin' Horse and they made the album Yes It Is (1971). Rolf Harris recorded "Salvation Army Citadel" but it was the Sixties Liverpool star Billy Fury who appreciated what Campbell was doing.

Fury recorded his wry comments on gambling, "That's Right That's Me", a story about a half-hearted affair, "Green Eyed American Actress", and another about his possessions, "In My Room". "In My Room" is so personal that one wonders how Fury viewed it: "In the posters on my wall, / Of Hitler, John and Paul, / I see myself" - and by the end of the song that same self decides to destroy everything in a bonfire.

Campbell tried to settle to a day job but he drank heavily and became unreliable. His later years are a sorry story. He stopped drinking a few years ago but heavy smoking had already wrecked his health. He returned to songwriting and tracks for a new album had been recorded, including one about Iraq, "When I Cross Your Path".

Jimmy Campbell's story is one of lost potential, someone who had the talent but couldn't pursue it. "I wish I got my act together," he once said, "and opened a songwriting school in Liverpool."

Spencer Leigh



Exciting news in the world of Podcasts (which always makes me think of Thunderbird 2, but I digress). Young Andrew Morten has begun his quest to become Somerset's very own Tony Blackburn or Diddy David Hamilton, via a sparkling new show. Andy sez:

"A New podcast playing 1960s UK pop and psychedelia is online now.

Please check in let me know what you think. Requests and ideas more than welcome."



I've heard the first show and there's a refreshing lack of shouty people yelling "Smack your bitch up Dude!" to a backing that appears to consist of toddlers banging bits of furniture together and kitchen timers beeping. Highly recommended needless to say, so go and listen (and I'm not just saying this because I get a name-check). Nice one Andrew. Very beautiful indeed.


One of the best things about Marmalade Skies for me personally, is when musicians from some of the Classic 60s and 70s bands get in contact. I've recently had the pleasure of receiving several e-mails from John Simms and Kenny White--guitarist and drummer respectively with Clear Blue Sky, veterans of the Vertigo label, underground nights at the Roundhouse etc etc. Not only have they sent some of their recollections of the "old days" but also a reminder that Clear Blue Sky are still very much a going concern. Go HERE for more info. Catch them if you can. 


Rev-Ola have come up trumps yet again with the 1st-time-on-CD (with 4 bonus tracks) release of  "Tony Hazzard Sings Tony Hazzard" (CR REV 190), featuring Tony's original demos of all of those classic hits he wrote back in the 60s, all tarted up for their release by CBS in 1969. Contrary to that over-quoted Gumpism, if Tony Hazzard was a box of chocolates you'd know exactly what you were going to get--classic soft-centres without too much glop and goo. "Listen To Me", "Fox On The Run", "Hello World", "Ha! Ha! Said The Clown", "Fade Away Maureen"...they're all here and more. If you have a sweet tooth (and if you're reading this then it's odds-on that you have) then stop reading and go and buy it...go and buy it...go and buy it...go and buy it...NOW! 



Contrary to popular belief, it's very, very rare that we at MS receive any "Freebies", therefore I must thank Richard Allen at Lightning Tree Records for sending me a lovely batch of goodies. Please check out the latest LT releases at www.lightning-tree.com , including a superb, expanded CD re-issue of The Picadilly Line's classic '67 LP "The Huge World Of Emily Small" plus marvelous vinyl editions of 2 great albums by the Picadilly Line main-men Rod Edwards and Roger Hand (both produced by Sir George Martin no less!) As icing on the cake there's a CD re-issue of the all-time great "Love And Poetry" album by Andwella's Dream, with 4 bonus tracks too!


New and upcoming stuff that's very probably well worthy of your attention includes:

Re-issue of Octopus' "Restless Night" and "The Lost Songs Of Nick Garrie-Hamilton" on Rev-Ola www.revola.co.uk 

A load of good stuff from both the UK & USA on Fallout, including Alan Trajan's Organ-tastic "Firm Roots" & Jan & Lorraine's wonderful "Gypsy People"

Sunbeam Records score a coup with the first official CD issue of Mark Fry's "Dreaming With Alice" with the obligatory bonus tracks too! Not only that, but they are also unleashing Mighty Baby's "Jug Of Love" on CD for the first time AND re-issuing the 'Acid-Folk Landmark' "Amaryllis" by Bread, Love & Dreams plus The Open Mind's album (again). Have a look at www.sunbeamrecords.com for more details.

Anyone interested in checking out post-July band Jade Warrior now have no problem, because the wonderful people at Eclectic Discs have re-issued their first 4 albums. Julie Driscoll's "1969" solo LP is also out again if you're more jazzily inclined. Check out www.eclecticdiscs.com 

Repertoire have bunged out yet another "Best Of The Herd" compo (REP 5031). If you haven't got their stuff then ignore the 2-star review in Record Collector because every home should have one.

Ex-Quiet Fiver, Mark Wirtz collaborator and all-round nice bloke Kris Ife gets the "Definitive Collection" treatment from RPM (RPM 318), including the Judd album, sundry singles cuts, Jackson & Jones tracks and unreleased items too!



"Shapes And Sounds"- Orange and red beams from the BBC archives 1967-1969. Now available at TOP SOUNDS


Some great psych clips at JIM MAC's YOU TUBE PAGE



Cuneiform's latest archive Soft Machine release is issued 1st September. Go to the link below for more details:




"I've spent the last two years or so working on a book about the making
of Revolver (http://www.revolverbook.co.uk). The full product will be
available for free online from the beginning of August (fingers crossed)"


Here's a message from ex-member of The Fingers, John Bobin (not John Robin as Tap of Del would have it). If anyone is interested in getting in contact with John, please do so via his book publisher--e mail address below. Thanks.


Hi. This is a cheeky email asking for help for a very worthy cause in an unusual way. 


I have written a book, the profits from which are going to Cancer Research. The book is entitled Bark Staving Ronkers and it is an autobiographical memoir of 12 hectic years in the life of a young musician.


As a teenager I played in various bands including The Orioles (with Mickey Jupp), The Fingers (allegedly one of the first UK psychedelic bands) and Legend (again with Mickey Jupp, and described on some web sites as the first pub-rock band.)


The Fingers recorded at various studios including Abbey Road. Legend recorded at Advision and Phillips.. 


I was born at just the right time to experience the heady delights of growing up in the sixties and early seventies. I was lucky enough to play with some very well known musicians and to record at Abbey Road and other seminal recording studios.


We did radio and TV work, played in Europe and had a minor hit record in Italy. The book describes a time when I was associated with many top stars, producers and venues during an era when the music industry was alive with excitement and spontaneity. 


I still play as a regular gigging musician and the most popular songs that we do by far, are those that originated in the sixties and seventies. Every bookshop has a music section and an army of fans buys books that celebrate this golden era. TV and Radio shows also cater for eager sixties and seventies aficionados and there are popular, specialist radio stations and websites that offer their own views of the period in question.


My book is directed towards the hundreds of thousands Rock and Roll and Pop music fans who remember a period when their entertainment was not provided by bands that have been ‘manufactured’ by TV shows.


The book is already available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk but I wondered if you would be interested in buying some copies to leave in your reception areas? Or maybe you might insert a link from your web site to Amazon so people could find out more about the book.  


I show below samples of reviews that are on the Amazon sites:


Sample Customer Review: Amazon UK


Bark Staving Ronkers – Nostalgia


The enormous volume of well-researched information makes this a valuable reference book for anyone struggling to remember who was in the line-up of various bands throughout the sixties. However the real joy for many will be the little anecdotes about typical incidents in the life of a working band, which really capture the flavour of the period. These will no doubt trigger a host of memories and many similar stories about some reader's own exploits at the time. I recognised lots of names and faces from the past and one or two I still see around today. Easy reading, nostalgic and fun! 


Sample Customer Review: Amazon USA


A Dizzying Romp through British Music History!


This chronicle of a musician who lived at the center of the tornado that was the British music scene in the Sixties and early Seventies is chock full of names… From the early days of Maximum R & B and rock'n'roll, through the try-anything days of psychedelia to the beginnings of prog-rock, Bobin witnesses to it all - from the stifling effects of BBC control of the airwaves, when 'pirate radio' was the cool source of the hits, through experiences with major record labels looking for that next big money-making group, it seems every kid in London was in a band at some point- the best often appearing again and again in some new configuration, the talented (or lucky) cream rising to the top, while most had their 15 minutes of fame- but were there for the right reason: they loved to ROCK!  Bobin also displays a good sense of detail and has a boatload of humorous stories to tell…


Retail stores and corporates can buy my book from the publisher, BookSurge.


Orders may be placed via their web site:




Their home page has a link to a Direct Wholesale Ordering System


I do hope that this will capture your imagination and that you will be able to place an order for some copies of the book. If you need any further information please let me know.


Incidentally I did an interview on BBC Essex recently and there have been features on Bark Staving Ronkers in the local press and trade mags. There are also mentions of the book on many web sites dedicated to sixties music and/or to Southend.


Yours Sincerely




John Bobin



Something to save your pennies for:

Soft Machine - Middle Earth Masters - Cuneiform Records

"Golden era Soft Machine, recorded live in '67. The legendary Middle Earth London club housed this incredible performance from the newly made three piece. (Daevid Allen was refused re-entry to Britain after a French tour earlier that year.) A highly freaky performance that feels largely improvised, containing wild solos and unusual song structures This is high quality early psychedelia from the very beginning of the developing scene.

Due In: 18/09/2006"


Here's a message from our favourite Anglo-German-American legend:

"Dear friends,

At long last... the Spyderbaby "Glassblower" CD is about to see the light of day (as soon as
the soccer games are over); the album that the major labels loved, but refused to release
because "the band is too old." (Funny, when you consider that the lead singer is barely 23
years old, and music like this could not possibly be created by anybody but seasoned
musicians, who lived the roots of the music here honored).

So, my partner and I started our own "DreamTunes" label to bring this grand feast of 'old
fashioned' Harmony Rock to market, thereby challenging the 'establishment's' narrow-
minded position, in defiance of heartless, "demographic," thinking.

In celebration of timeless music and ageless talent, I kindly ask you to please support this
project by word of mouth. Sound samples of all 14, lovingly honed, tracks can be reviewed
at www.markwirtz.com.

For professional review copies please e-mail dpwsound@aol.com


Mark Wirtz"


I just received this interesting e-mail from Wesley Faust. If anyone can help then please contact him at the e-address shown.

"When we were stationed in the Azores, Portugal, we made good friends with Roy and Percy and the rest of the Garden Odyssey Enterprise. They stayed at our house, we took them on island tours. We just loved the guys!! They were there three times from 1969 to about 1972. We haven't heard anything of them since... Any way to contact ANY of them???
    One of their lines from a comedy skit that Roy and Percy did was; "I've always wanted to kiss a black man", Roy said to Percy. When they were returning to England, my wife kissed Percy goodbye.... And yes the entire group popped up with the line!!!
  PLEASE, PLEASE let us know about the lads...OK?"
               email; wesndee@earthlink.net
Wes & Dee Faust



 I'd be most grateful for YOUR input!!! Any comments, stories, opinions...anything you like, about the MS HOPS inductees will be displayed on the tribute pages. YOU voted for them, so please tell me, us and the rest of the Cosmos why you did so. Send me an e-mail, as long or as short as you like. Everything is welcome.

In case you missed them, the inductees are: The Pretty Things, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kaleidoscope, Tomorrow, Blossom Toes, The Creation, Donovan, The Move, Tintern Abbey, John Peel, and Abbey Road Recording Studios.



Alan Smith is looking for copies of the singles charts in TOP POPS music magazine between September 1968 to December 1969.  He can accept scans. For posted photo-copies he will pay £2 per copy. E.Mail is purple70883@yahoo.co.uk  He will provide postal address if needed, thank you

Cheers, Mick Capewell