Sunday Sunshine: The World Of SNB Records

RPM Retro 842 (2008)


Jon Plum - Alice Clive Sands - In a Dream
Hubert Thomas Valverde & The HT's - We Don't Care Jon Plum - Sunshine
Mellow Candle - Feeling High Jon Plum - An Apple Falls
Andy Ellison - Cornflake Zoo Hubert Thomas Valverde & The HT's - Genevieve
Clive Sands - Marie David Blake - Now Is The Time
Andy Ellison - You Can't Do That Nicola Davies - Infatuation
Flamma Sherman - Move Me Francoise Pascal - Got It Badly
Sheila Scott Wilkinson - Quiet Man Mellow Candle - Tea With The Sun
Sue Wilshaw - Empty Sunday Flamma Sherman - Bossa Love
Rory Fellowes - Endlessly, Friendlessly Blue Rory Fellowes - Nina