SWINGING LONDON (The Accidental Genius Of Saga Records)

(RPM 2007)

First Impression- Swinging London Five's Company- If This Is Love
Five Day Week Straw People- Five Day Week Straw People Family Affair- Someone Is Calling Your Name
Magic Mixture- I'm So Sad First Impression- All Lead Back To You
Katch 22- There Ain't No Use In Hanging On Herbie & The Royalists- Long Voyage
Good Earth- That's The Life Katch 22- Don't Listen
Blackbirds- Girl I'm Wondering Linda & Noel- Mr Bantam's Fair
Dave Moses Group- Quite Fast Graham Walker Sound- Crossroads
Graham Walker Sound- Young Scene New World- Scheherazade
Katch 22- Thoughts On a Rainy Day Herbie & The Royalists- My Life Has Just Blown a Fuse
Magic Mixture- New Man Underground Set- Shake 26
Underground Set- Archipelago

Five Day Week Straw People- Sunday Morning

Dave Peace Quartet- Couldn't Bear The Sight

Magic Mixture- Moonbeams

Blackbirds- She Alex Campbell- Victoria Dines Alone