Syde Trips

Syde Trips vol.1

Syde Trips Vol.1 (TP 002), 15 tracks

Seven volumes of Tenth Planet's much loved series of late sixties U.K. psychedelic pop nuggets culled from previously unissued or private label recordings.

The Pleasure Garden - Permissive Paradise Whispers of Truth - Reality
Giorgio & Marco's Men - Baby I Need You Blackthorn Winter - I Will
Whispers of Truth - Sunday Afternoon With Emily The Purge - The Knave
Free Expression - Nightmare The Poets - Heyla Hola
The Purge - The Mayor of Simpleton Hall Euphora - Hangman's Rope
The Poets - Fun Buggy Kat - Tell The World
The Manrax - The Devil's Home Fringe Benefit - Wild Man of the Forest
Tidal Wave - Spider Spider  

Syde Trips Vol.1 (WHCD 002), Wooden Hill, 15 tracks (CD only)

Syde Trips 2 Syde Trips Vol.2 (TP 004), 14 tracks


Just Plain Smith - Don't Open Your Mind The Lost - Whats The Matter (With You Babe)
Mic Read - Edward E. James Rainbows Mic Read - Charley Brewster's DJ Show
Amber - Time and Tide Just Plain Smith - Feburary's Child
Mic Read - Nicola Mic Read - What The Dickens
Amber - Yellow & Red Amber - Shirley
Mic Read - Pictures On My Wall Mic Read - If She's A Day
The Lost - Ernest Seymour, The Man From 66c The Lost - Don't Open Your Mind


Syde Trips Vol.3 (TP 006), 14 tracks


Jason Crest - King of the Castle Extreem - Out Of The Sky
Enough's Enough - Please Remember Charlotte Black - So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
Harveson Apricot - Wax Candle Thor - You're My Clown
Jason Crest - Collected Works of Justin Crest Jason Crest - Charge Of The Light Brigade
Charlotte Black - Charge Of The Light Brigade Enough's Enough - Look Around You Baby
Telegraph - Putrefaction Tidd Wave - Crazy Horse
Jason Crest - Teagarden Lane Jason Crest - You Really Got A Hold Of Me


Syde Trips 4 Syde Trips Vol.4 (TP 008), 14 tracks


Brass Alley - Dr.Beecham's Pink Pills Complex - Witch's Spell
The Mode - Eastern Music Back To Front The Good Thing Brigade - My House Is Burning
Urban - When My Train Comes In The Object - Blue Skies & Green Grass
The Influence - Driving Me Wild CMJ - In The Midnight Hour
Tinkerbells Fairydust - Majorine The Mode - Girl
The Mode - Backing Britain The Montanas - Together
20W - Whats It All About? Tinkerbells Fairydust - You Keep Me Hanging On


Syde Trips 5 Syde Trips Vol.5 (TP 020), 14 tracks


Geranium Pond - Dogs In Baskets Geranium Pond - Fire
The Toast - Time of Year The Doves - I'll Cry If You Make Me
The Doves - Smokeytime Springtime Geranium Pond - Marshmallow Man
Geranium Pond - No Elephants In My Garden Lee & Davey - I've Been Wrong
Killing Floor - Soon There Will Be Everything Sir Percy Quintet - Margaret Elspeth
The Toast - Lincoln's Rocking Chair Geranium Pond - Marshmallow Man (Version Two)
Killing Floor - Acid Bean Killing Floor - Lost Alone


Syde Trips 6 Syde Trips Vol.6 (TP 024), 15 tracks


The Summer Set - 'Cos Its Over The Longboatmen - Trouble and Tea
Tropical Fish - Captain Man Pt.1 The Phoenix - Brave New Sights
The Phoenix - Live For The Sun Tropical Fish - Upside Down, Inside Out
The Longboatmen - Viva L' Amour Solent - My World Fell Down
The Name - Hello Edythe The Name - What Do I Care?
Tropical Fish - Waterloo Station Tropical Fish - Captain Man Pt.2
The Flame - Strcanliner (South Africa) The Phoenix - You Are The Moon & The Stars & The Sun
The Phoenix - You Keep Me Hanging On  


Syde Trips Vol.7


The Brain - Nobody Knows Jygsaw - 0099
The Brain - Shot On Sight Fire - Can't Be So Sad
The Brain - Most Likely You'll Go Your Way.. The Snappers - Smiley's Tram
The Brain - One In A Million Snappers - She's A Lover
The Brain - Murder The Outer Limits - Stepping Stone
Those Fadin' Colours - Blow Up 6AX - Penelope Breedlove
Those Fadin' Colours - Try Me On For Size Cliff Ward - Path Through The Forest


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