Toffee Sunday Smash

Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3

Toffee Sunday Smash ran for three issues and was "America's Only British Pop-Sike Fanzine", all the issues are essential. They mainly focused on articles on the bands and exclusive interviews with Wimple Winch drummer Larry King and Kaleidoscope's Peter Daltrey. Issue Four was to include the second part of this interview with an extensive look at Fairfield Parlour but sadly this never came out. Here is a run down on the three issues.

ISSUE ONE: The Attack / The Cop's 'n Robbers / The Pink Floyd / Hammer Films / State of Mickey and Tommy / Fave 45's / Album Reviews

ISSUE TWO: The World of Oz / Wimple Winch (Larry King interview) / Rameses and Selket / The Move / Paul is Dead (Rumours) / Album Reviews

ISSUE THREE: The Move / The Beatles (Getting high with a little help from my friends) / Kaleidoscope (Peter Daltrey interview) / The Honeymoon Killers (film review) / Album and Single Reviews

With thanks to John Hanrattie; Matthew & Menachem


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