We All Live On Candy Green

(Dig The Fuzz Sound Show SSRCD0201) 2004



Happy Vegetable- Light On The Wall Rodney Bewes- Meter Maid
Tapestry- Who Wants Happiness? Majority One- Friday Man
Motivation- Delighted To See You Sundragon- Peacock Dress
Shakane- Find The Lady Elli- Never Mind
Matchbox- Run Much Faster Ken Saul- Pictures Framed In My Mind
Gaslight- Move Empty Vessels- Low Toby
Gavin Hamilton- It Won't Be The Same Majority- Hard Day's Night
Scenery- Thread Of Time Flower- Heart Teaser
Exception- Woman Of The Green Lantern Sons & Lovers- From Now The Sun Shines
Clevedonaires- Up The Wooden Hill To Bedfordshire News- It's a Long Time
Elli- Mister Man Izzy Pound- Na Na Na Na
Sandy In Motion- I'm a Walking Dream Silence- To Sarah B
John Bryant- I Bring The Sun  


The (near?) legendary Dig The Fuzz label is back, but now in CD (Sound Show SSRCD0201 / 2004) only. Candy Green is Volume 1 in a projected series of five CDs which will rework the old Incredible Sound Show Stories catalogue whilst adding some newly discovered gems into the brew. Thus Volume 1 has tracks first airedon Vols. 10, 2 and 16 of the ISSS series plus a platter of new entrants. For any new adherents who have yet to discover the delights of the ISSS series, this is a useful way to sample it. For old-timers, the new stuff is as excellent as the rest and it is indeed good to hear some of these tracks on CD. For instance pulled from the (now very distant) Volume 2 of ISSS comes The Silence's 'To Sarah B', perhaps their best of the group of tracks by them featured on that volume (Sarah B being Sarah Bernhardt, the turn-of-the century French actress) and two tracks by Elli 'Mister Man' and even better 'Never Mind'. Of the newcomers, perhaps Rodney Bewes's (yes him out of The Likely Lads) 'Meter Maid' is the most eagerly anticipated gem. Released in 1970 as an alternate B side to the title theme of Bewes's vehicle of choice at that time, a 29 episode sitcom called Dear Mother, Love Albert, it is all toytown whimsy c.'67 and must have been recorded earlier than its release date. Equally interesting is Ken Saul's 'Pictures Framed In My Mind', a modernist folk number with everything drenched in phasing. Elsewhere Sons & Lovers 'From Now The Sun Shines', Gaslight's 'Move' and The Clevedonaires take on The Small Faces' 'Up The Wooden Hills To Bedfordshire (which is blissful here) are all quality tunes and fit right in with the rest. The fold-out liners are very well detailed and there's some cool label shots. A very nice package indeed.

Above review by Paul Martin, taken from Shindig! magazine