We Can Fly

We Can Fly

We Can Fly volume 1(Past & Present PAPRCD 2004 ), 27 tracks

Volume 1

The Penny Peeps - Model Village Trash - Trash Can
The Loot - Try To Keep It A Secret Orange Machine - Real Life Permanent Dream
The Moving Finger - Pain Of My Misfortune Serendipity - Castles
Anan - I Wonder Where My Sister's Gone Mickey Finn - Garden Of My Mind
The Peep Show - Mazy Kytes - Running In The Water
Glass Menagerie - Fredrick Jordan Portobello Explosion - We Can Fly
The Bunch - Looking Glass The Fox - Hey! Mr.Carpenter
Neat Change - I Lied To Auntie May Sound Barrier - Groovin' Slow
The Movement - Tell Her The Mooche - Hot Smoke And Sassafras
Sands - Mrs Gillespie's Refrigerator The Fruit Machine - The Wall
Kipperton Lodge - I Can See Her Face The Image - Creation
Infantes Jubilate - Exploding Galaxy Episode Six - Love, Hate, Revenge
Smoke - That's What I Want Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The LS Bumble Bee
The QPR Supporters - Supporters, Support Us  


We Can Fly 2 We Can Fly volume 2 (Past & Present PAPRCD 2037 ), 22 tracks

Vol. 2 in the series

Shy Limbs - Rick Or Two West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergeant Lilllywhite
Brainbox - Amsterdam, The First Days Tages - Fuzzy Patterns
The Cedars - Hide If You Want To Hide The Mirage - Hold On
Pugh - Love Love Love The Petards - Tartarex
John Fitch & Associates - Stones Out Of It The Bystanders - Cave Of Clear Light
The Lords - Dont Mince Matter A.P. Dangerfield - Conversations (In A Station Light Refreshment Bar)
Nite People - Love, Love, Love, Love A.P. Dangerfield - Further Conversations
The Monanas - Difference Of Opinion Blinkers - Original Sin
The Julian Kirsch - Clever Little Man Danny McCulloch - Colour Of The Sunset
Blonde On Blonde - All Day And All Night Joy Unlimited - Mr Pseudonym
Avalanche - Rabbits Moonshine - Garden Of Men


We Can Fly volume 3 (Past & Present PAPRCD 2046 ), 25 tracks

International Psych Rarities 1966-1970

Magicians-Painting On Wood Pesky Gee-Where Is My Mind?
O'Hara's Playboys-The Ballad Of The Soon Departed Cherry Smash-Sing Songs Of Love
St John & The Crew-I'm A Man Mick Softley-Am I The Red One
Murray Head-She Was Perfection Callan And John-House Of Delight
Tales Of Justine-Monday Morning Brut-My Kind Of feeling
I Corvi-Sospesa Ad Un Filo The Washington DC's-Seek and Find
Made In Sheffield-Amelia Jane The Sugarbeats-Alice Designs
Mecki Mark Men-Free The League-Hey Conductor
The Afex-She's Got The Time Shocking Blue-Send Me A Postcard
Jackie Lomax-Genuine Imitation Life The New Generation-Digger
Los Brincos-Passport The Fox-Secondhand Love
The Excelsior Spring-It Bulldog Breed-Paper Man
Daddy Lindberg-Wade In The Shade  


We Can Fly volume 4 (Past & Present PAPRCD 2054  ), 25 tracks


Brass Tacks-Maxwell Ferguson Five Steps Beyond-Not So Young Today
Neo Maya-I Won't Hurt You Tangerine Peel-Trapped
Russell Morris-The Real Thing (Parts 1&2) Los Canarios-What Can I Do For You?
The Rokes-When The Wind Arises Strange Fox-Time And Tide
Eire Apparent-Here I Go Again The Mint-Love By Numbers (Luv)
Wimple Winch-I Really Love You The Orange Machine-Dr Crippen's Waiting Room
Keith Shields-So Hard Living Without You The Ferris Wheel-I Can't Break The Habit
"14"-Drizzle The Beatstalkers-Sugar Chocolate Machine
Lucas Tyson-Daylight Child The Mindbenders-My New Day And Age
Hopscotch-Look At The Lights Go Up Les Baroques-Love Is The Sun
The Truth-Sueno Terry Reid-Fires Alive
The Bunch-We're Not What We Appear To Be Magnet-Mr Guy Fawkes
Griffin-I Am The Noise In Your Head  


We Can Fly volume 5 (Past & Present PAPRCD 2058 ), 29 tracks


Circus-Do You Dream? The Fruit Machine-Follow Me
Harsh Reality-How Do You Feel? Georgio-How Much Longer Must I Wait, Wait?
The Iveys-And Her Daddy's A Millionaire East Of Eden-Ballad Of Harvey Kaye
Old Gold-Teacher Of  Electricity I Corvi-Un Ragazzo Di Strada
Human Instinct-Rich Man Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera-Salisbury Plain
Keith Relf-Shapes In My Mind The Gibsons-City Life
Episode Six-I Can See Through You Orange Peel-I Got No Time
Gnomes Of Zurich-Second Fiddle Mirage-And Life Goes On
Saker-Foggy Tuesday The Cedars-I Don't Know Why
Kim Fowley-Lights Cuby & The Blizzards-Appleknockers Flophouse
The Loot-Radio City Silver Eagle-Theodore
The Bunch-Spare a Shilling Nite People-P.M.
The Montanas-Anyone There The Nocturnes-Look At Me
Groep 1850-Friday I'm Free Danny McCulloch-Smokeless Zone
Chris McClure-Meditation  


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