Psychedelic Jumble Vol One: What's The Rush, Time Machine Man?

(Rev-Ola 2007)


You Can Run- Majority

Time Machine Man- Majority

Do What You Must- Tintern Abbey

Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand- Opal Butterfly

What's The Rush Dillbury?- Paradox

Naked Song- Tintern Abbey
Delighted To See You- Honeybus Like The Day Goes- Paradox
Meet Me At The Fair- Penny Peeps Helen Doesn't Care- Penny Peeps
Our Love Will Be So Strong- Majority You & Me Baby- Obscured Rays
How Do I Feel Today?- Tintern Abbey Don't Know What You're Doing- Majority
Friends and Mirrors- Five's Company It's Just That The People Can't See- Tintern Abbey
Mary Colinto- Paradox Somebody Save Me- Paradox
Into My Life She Came- Penny Peeps Flying High- Rupert's People


From the producers of recent lauded Brit-psych releases by Turquoise, Octopus, Tony Hazzard, Jawbone, The Knack, Graham Gouldman and Tuesday's Children comes this first-time archival collection of lost masters, demos and acetates from the late '60s; the first in a series if we have things our way.

Features such luminaries as Tintern Abbey, Rupert's People, Honeybus and The Majority. Curated by Stefan Granados and Andy Morten - you know it makes sense! Beautifully restored from a bewildering selection of acetates, tapes and wax discs and dazzlingly packaged in the tried and test Rev-Ola fashion! A must for all fans of British pop, psych, freakbeat, blue-eyed soul and general weird 'n' wonderful archival recordings from the original psychedelic era!