by Carol-Anne Lennie with additional information by Jim McAlwane & Andy Morten

The films page, rules for entry, each film is a British production and reflects, to varying degrees, the zeitgeist of the Brit-psych era (ie: 1966-70), with room for a bit of manoeuvre either way! Where a non-British production is in the list it's because the soundtrack is overwhelmingly represented by British acts


30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia (1967)

Director : Joe McGrath

Music : Dudley Moore Trio

Starring : Dudley Moore, Suzy Kendell & Patricia Routledge

'Rupert Street, a nightclub pianist, sets himself the double target of getting married and composing a musical both by his 30th birthday'

Alfie (1966)


Director : Lewis Gilbert

Music : Cher & Sonny Rollins

Starring : Micheal Caine, Jane Asher, Millicent Martin & Shelley Winters

'...An account of a cockney lecher's selfish seduction and abuse of a series of compliant females...'

Better A Widow (Meglio Vedova) (1969)

Better A Widow

Director : Duccio Tessari

Music : Mike Stuart Span

Starring : Virma Lisi & Peter McEnery

'Information is very limited except that the Mike Stuart Span appear in Hyde Park for a 30 second clip. Any further information would be much appreciated, thank-you'

Bedazzled (1967)

Director : Stanley Donen

Music : The Dudley Moore Trio

Starring : Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Eleanor Bron, Raquel Welch

'Stanley sells his soul for seven wishes in an attempt to win Margaret, a waitress at the Wimpy burger bar'

Blow Up (1966)

Blow Up Director : Michelangelo Antonioni

Music : The Yardbirds

Starring : David Hemmings, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Bowles

Visit the Blow Up page by clicking here

Deep End (1970)

Deep End

Director : Jerzy Skolimowski

Music : Can

Starring : Jane Asher, Diana Dors & Christopher Sandford

'Set in a decidedly unglamorous, unswinging London, Skolimowski's sex comedy posits a beautiful bizarre and totally unsentimental education for his adolescent hero, employed at a run-down swimming baths and obsessively pining for colleague Jane Asher....'

The Ghost Goes Gear (1966)

Director : Hugh Gladwish

Music : Spencer Davis Group

Starring : Nicholas Parsons & Jack Haig

'The Spencer Davis Group (featuring Steve Winwood) stumble upon a haunted house which after a ghost appears becomes a tourist attraction'

Goodbye Gemini (1970)

Goodbye Gemini (Also released as Twinsanity) [see picture left]

Director : Alan Gibson

Starring : Judy Geeson, Michael Redgrave, Alexis Kanner & Mike Pratt

'Based on a brilliant first novel, a piece of compelling, primitive writing about am incestuous twin brother-sister relationship, the film is another predictable lip-smaking tour of decadent swinging London... Apart from incest there's some homosexuality and a blood murder'


Groupie Girl (1970)

Groupie Girl

Director : Derek Ford

Music : Opal Butterfly; English Rose; Peter Lee Stirling & Alan HawkshawStarring : Billy Boyle

'About the strictly unconventional world of pop groups and the sex hungry teenage girls who follow their idols everywhere'

The GuruThe Guru (1968)

Director : James Ivory

Starring : Rita Tushingham, Michael York, Barry Foster & Saeed Jaffrey

'East uncomfortably meets West with York as a '60s pop idol tripping to India for sitar lessons and Tushingham on an unidentifable spiritual guest...'

Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush (1968)

Here We Go Round The Mulberry BushDirector : Clive Donner

Music : Traffic, Spencer Davis Group, Andy Ellison

On Location : Stevenage New Town, Luton Hoo

Starring : Barry Evans, Judy Geeson, Angela Scoular, Sheila White & Adrienne Posta

'Following the sexual exploits of Jamie McGregor'

Snap shots: here

Haunted House of HorrorHaunted House of Horror (1970)

(Also released under the title 'The Dark')

Director : Michael Armstrong

Music : The Pretty Things

Starring : Frankie Avalon, Richard O'Sullivan, Robin Stewart, Mark Wynter

'An assortment of young swinging things, finding their party is beginning to flag, decide to drive to an old adjacement mansion, to do some ghost-hunting of their own'

I'll Never Forget Whatsisname (1967)

Director : Michael Winner

Starring : Oliver Reed, Carol White, Wendy Craig (Marianne Faithful makes a brief appearance)

'Oliver Reed as Andrew Quint, seemingly successful with a good job, a wife, two mistresses, who decides he wants to give up and go back to the simple life he once led. He finds this is not as easy as it seems...'

The Image (1967)

The ImageDirector : Michael Armstrong

Starring : David Bowie & Michael Bryne

'This very interesting short is described by writer-director Michael Armstrong as 'a study of the illusionary reality within the schizophrenic mind of the artist at his point of creativity'. Having just finished a painting, the artist - well played by Michael Byrne - finds himself haunted by the subject of the painting, a boy - very well played by David Bowie - who appears outside the artist's window, in his room, on his staircase. The artist tries to kill the boy, in a series of violently-cut scenes, but finally can only fall destructively and despairingly on the painting'

The Jokers (1966)

The JokersDirector : Michael Winner

Music note : faceless 'groovy party scene' band (complete with sitar!) mime to Johnny Pearson's modern-day classic 'Delhi Discoteque' during the scene on the boat

On location : The Stock Exchange, London. Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London. The Tower Of London

Starring : Oliver Reed & Michael Crawford

'Oliver Reed and Michael Crawford play two brothers who embark on a final gesture against society and conformism by stealing the Crown Jewels'

Kaleidoscope (1966)

Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope

Director : Jack Smight

Starring : Warren Beatty, Susannah York (Jane Birkin makes fleeting appearance in boutique scene)

'Warren Beatty as playboy gambler manipulated into collaring a dope-smuggler for the yard'

Many thanks to Bob Boyer for the Mike Stuart Span picture

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