Tenth Planet is now one of the leading re-issue labels around. Formed in 1992 mainly because many of the the late 60s'/early 70's recording were becoming increasingly hard to find and expensive to buy that the majority of collectors were pushed out of the market. It was decided that all releases would be in a limited edition format, thus preserving the collector's angle whilst at the same time enabling people to hear/obtain music that they could otherwise only have read about. After putting out a few albums like this, the label was offered other achive recordings, some of which hadn't even got as far as the private pressing status and from that point on it became the parellel universe of pop history.



Oliver : Standing StoneOliver - Standing Stone (TP001)
Re-issue of the 1974 album with the same name (OL1)

Syde Trips One - various (TP002)
First volume of six compilations featuring The Pleasure Garden; The Poets; Tidal Wave and Kat

Mirkwood - Same (TP003)
Re-issue of the 1973 album with the same name (Flams PR 1067)

Syde Trips Two - various (TP004)
Second volume featuring Mic Read; Just Plain Smith; Amber and The Lost

Holy Mackerel - Closer To Heaven (TP005)
Unreleased tracks from the shelved second album

Syde Trips 3Syde Trips Three - various (TP006)
Third volume featuring Jason Crest; Enough's Enough and Charlotte Black

Team Dokus - Tales From The Underground (TP007)
Un-issued album from 1969

Syde Trips Four - various (TP008)
Fourth volume featuring Tinkerbell's Fairydust; The Mode; Complex and The Montana's

The Lost - Lost In Action (TP009)
14 track compilation of the band's material

The Story Of Oak Records - various (TP010)
Rounding up a selection of acetates from the Oak label

The Freedom - Nerosubianco (TP011)
Film soundtrack previously only released in Italy

The RatsThe Rats - The Rise & Fall Of Bernie Gripplestone...(TP012)
Compilation of the band's material featuring Mick Ronson

The Wild Oats - Live At Leiston (TP013)
Recorded in the mid-Sixties in Leiston

Mike Stuart Span - Timespan (TP014)
Compilation of the group's finest moments

Dantalian's Chariot - Chariot Rising (TP015)
Compilation of the group's finest moments

The Kingpins - Kingpins For Sale (TP016)
Rounding up all the band's acetates from Oak

Writing On The Wall - Cracks In The Illusion Of Life (TP017)

Writing On The Wall - Burghley Road (TP018)
Previously unreleased 1972 sessions capturing legendary Scottish hard rockers in full flight

Five Steps Beyond - Faint Hearts & Fair Minds (TP019)

Syde Trips 5Syde Trips Five - various (TP020)
Fifth volume featuring Geranium Pond; Killing Floor and The Doves

Five Steps Beyond - Smile (TP021)

Left-Handed Marriage - On The Right Side (TP022)
Expaned version of the 1967 private pressing with great songs and wonderfully acerbic lyrics

Studio G's Beat Group (TP023)

Syde Trips Six - various (TP024)
The sixth volume from this series of psychedelic pop nuggets from 1966-1968 featuring The Summer Set; Tropical Fish; The Phoenix and The Name

The End - In The Beginning...The End (TP025)
First of three albums looking at the history of the band

Big Boy PeteBig Boy Pete - Homage To Catatonia (TP026)
Compilation of unreleased recordings

The Alan Bown! - Outward Bown (TP027)
Re-issue of the band's debut pop psych album from 1968 (Music Factory MF 12000)

Meic Stevens - Ghost Town (TP028)
13 previously unreleased 1968-69 recordings from Welsh folkpsych maverick

Fire - Underground And Overhead (TP029)
Rounding up unreleased gems

Miller - Summerland (TP030)
14 previously unreleased 1966/67 garage pop recordings

The Electric Banana - The Electric Banana Blows Your Mind (TP031)
Whats Good For the Goose soundtrack recordings and more from The Pretty Things

Alice Through The Looking GlassAlice Through The Looking Glass (TP032)
1968 English pastrol folkpsych - backward tapes, treated vocals, sound effects and brief spoken extracts from local stage production

The End - Retrospection (TP033)
Second installment from the band

Tales Of Justine - Petals From A Sunflower (TP034)
Baroque English flower power recorded at Abbey Road in 1967-68 with sitar, mellotron etc.

Big Boy Pete - Return From Catatonia (TP035)
14 previously unissued sitar-based UK psych madness

Freakout At The FacsmileFreak Out At The Facsmile Factory - various (TP036)
17 tracks of late Sixties psych-based weird-outs from the de Wolfe library

Moon's Train - Same (TP037)
16 track collection of 1966/67 recordings ranging from R&B / Soul to full blown psych by Bill Wyman proteges Moon's Train

Complex - Same (TP038)
Re-issue from the band's debut 1970 album of the same name (CLPM 001)

Complex - The Way We Feel (TP039)
Second album, melodic pop with a heavier underground edge

The Upside Down World of John PantryThe Upside Down World Of John Pantry (TP040)
Rounding off Pantry's recordings with Peter & The Wolves; Norman Conquest; The Bunch and The Factory. This anthology takes in Pantry's 1967- 69 activities

Jason Crest - Radio Session 1968-69 (TP041)
Two daytime radio sessions taken from the mastertapes featuring eleven previously unreleased performances from this highly regarded UK pop psych band

Billy Nicholls - Would You Believe (TP042)
Re-issue of the ultra-rarity from 1968 (Immediate IM063)

Peep Show - Mazy (TP043)
16 track compilation from this classy late Sixties outfit whose 'Mazy' is widely acknowledged as a classic of the genre

The Marmalade - Kaleidoscope (TP044)
Rounding up the Scot's more psychedelic numbers avoiding the pop hits

Nice - An Anthology of Peter Eden Productions - various (TP045)
Overview of the activities of highly regarded 60s producer Peter Eden

The Klubs - Midnight Love Cycle (TP046)
Collection of 1967- 69 recordings and demo's from the band described by Record Collector magazine as the great lost British psychedelic band of the era

The End - The Last Word (TP047)
Third installment from the series

The Electric Lemonade Acid TestThe Electric Lemonade Acid Test - various (TP048)
First of a new series focusing on the activies of the UK psych era, this volume features the works from President, comes in a suitably mindblowing 'Rubble' - style full colour sleeve

Giles, Giles & Fripp- Metaphormosis (TP049)
A whole album of material by this band who featured Robert Fripp and later other pre-King Crimson band members

The Electric Lemonade Acid Test volume 2 - various (TP 050)
Second volume with psychedelic nuggets from the Transatlantic label

Flower Pot Men - Midsummer Dreaming (TP051)
Concentrating on the groups harmony pop songs, housed in a period psych sleeve plus insert

Syde Trips Seven - various (TP052)
The latest from the Syde Trips collection

The Preachers - Nod, Shake & Stomp With The Preachers (TP053)
Teenage beat/R&B from drummer Tony Chapman's first band after leaving the embryonic Rolling Stones, this first-ever release features 16 tracks (14 live, and two studio demos) that showcase the astonishing guitar work of Steve Carroll, who died a week or two after these performances were recorded in mid-1964

Chimera - Chimera (TP054)
Late 60s acid folk rock with support from Wil Malone (Orange Bicycle), Mal Luker (the Smoke) and Nick Mason / Rick Wright from some promising little combo going by the name of the Pink Floyd

The Electric Lemonade Acid Test volume 3 - various (TP 055)
Third volume featuring tracks from the Spark label with recordings by Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Fruit Machine and the Eggy plus many more

Meic Stevens - September 1965: The Tony Pike Sessions (TP056)
Long-lost demo album from Welsh folk legend, recorded soon after his debut single for Decca but never issued. Eleven previously unheard original songs like ‘Winter Of The Clan’ and ‘Not For Me Mister MP’, and a great companion piece to the now sold-out ‘Ghost Town’. 1000 copies, 190gm vinyl.

Angel Pavement - Maybe Tomorrow (TP057)
Unreleased late 60s Morgan Blue Town album from band who recorded the popsike classic ‘Green Mello Hill’ (featured herein), this set is a genuine baroque harmony pop classic in Left Banke/Honeybus vein. Featuring both 45s, the LP has a glossy insert and is limited to 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.

‘The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol Four’ (TP058)
Eighteen slices of dayglo English psych and baroque sunshine/harmony pop from the Spark roster that follows on from Vol 3, highlights include Jasper, the Carlew Choir and the little known title theme to the 1967 Swingin’ London horror movie short, Talk Of The Devil. 1000 copies, 190gm vinyl.

Nick Nicely - Psychotropia (TP059) ‘Hilly Fields (1892)’ was described by the NME upon its release in 1982 as "the best psychedelic record made since the 60s". Both sides of that cult classic, together with Nick’s first single ‘DCT Dreams’, are now joined by nine outtakes of similar vintage to form the astonishing Psychotropia, 47 minutes of psychedelic otherness - imagine being trapped in a ‘Picnic At Hanging Rock’-style Victorian psychedelic timewarp. 1000 numbered copies on 190gm vinyl.


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