Wooden Hill is a sideline to Tenth Planet and the label developed when many people want to hear the recordings on CD. Here we have a list of the first releases as taken from the press releases


Standing Stone

Standing Stone (WHCD001)

Recorded in 1974 on a farm in the heart of Wales, a limited vinyl edition of 'Standing Stone' recieved ecstatic reviews in 1992. 'Wholly original, pure and surrealistically sublime', drooled the NME; 'a lost gem', suggested Record Collector; 'an indispensable item in any adventurous person's collection', noted Ptolemaic Terrascope; while John Peel descibed it as 'the find of the year' on Radio One. A maelstrom of folk and acid rock with distinct Beefheartian overtones

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP001)

Syde Trips volume 1

Syde Trips vol.1

Syde Trips volume 1 (WHCD002)

First CD issue of Tenth Planet's much-loved series of late 60s UK psychedelic pop nuggets culled from previously unissued or private label recordings. Fifteen essential tracks cut between 1966-70 including contributions by The Purge, Pleasure Garden, Tidal Wave and a host of equally obscure names from the soft white underbelly of British psych. Eight page booklet/liner notes

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP002)


The Pleasure Garden - Permissive Paradise Whispers Of Truth - Reality
Giorgio & Marco's Men - Baby I Need You Blackthorn Winter - I Will
Free Expression - Nightmares The Purge - The Knave
The Purge - The Mayor Of Simpleton Hall The Poets - Heyla Hola
The Poets - Fun Buggy Euphoria - Hangman's Rope
The Maniax - The Devil's Home Kat - Tell The World
Tidal Wave - Spider Spider Fringe Benefit - Wild Man Of The Forest

Mike Stuart Span


Timespan (WHCD003)

CD equivalent of Tenth Planet's acclaimed vinyl compilation of tracks from one of Britain's most underrated psych acts, this release features five bonus tracks including the group's entire BBC Top Gear session from 1968. 'Timespan', which has a total running time of more than 66 minutes, includes a beautiful 16 page booklet with extensive liner notes, photos and lyrics

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP014)


Children Of Tomorrow World In My Head
Second Production Evil Woman
Remember The Times Blue Day
Time Through The looking Glass (BBC)
Concerto Of Thoughts My White Bicycle (BBC)
Flames Time (BBC)
Through The Looking Glass Children Of Tomorrow (BBC)
Rescue Me  

The Scorpians

Anthology 1959-1965

Anthology 1959-1965 (WHCD004)

The Scorpians released two classic instrumental singles on the Parlophone label in 1961 before apparently disappearing without trace. Now comes this 72 minute, 32 track CD anthology of demos, acetates and private recordings stretching back to the roots of rock'n'roll and ending up in the dying embers of the British beat boom. Alternate versions of their four Parlophone sides and ten previously unissued instrumental gems are included, but for many collectors the highlight will be three previously unreleased 1962 vocal recordings produced by Joe Meek. 'What a truly astonishing release...this really is a wonderful CD.' (Rob Bradford, Pipeline fanzine)

Not released on Tenth Planet

Dantalian's Chariot

Chariot Rising Chariot Rising (WHCD005)

CD equivalent of Tenth Planet's long deleted vinyl release of recordings by legendary 1967 British acid rockers, with Zoot Money and future Police guitarist Andy Summers at the helm. The CD issue of 'Chariot Rising, which has been taken direct from the original mastertapes rather than the second generation copy used for the vinyl edition, features the thought-to-be-lost sitar based outtake 'This Island' as well as every known Dantalian's Chariot recording including the photos, quotes and assorted archive material, 'Chariot Rising' is as close as anyone will ever get to piecing together the Great Lost Dantalian's Chariot Album

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP015)


Madman Running Through The Fields Sun Came Bursting Through My Cloud
World War Three Recapture The Thrill
This Island Coffee Song
Fourpenny Bus Ride High Flying Bird
Four Firemen  

Jason Crest

Collected Works..... Collected Works (WHCD006)

16 track compilation of all known studio recordings by this brilliant UK pop psych band - features all A and B sides of their five singles together with six outtakes that form the basis of their current reputation amoungst collectors of vintage British psychedelia. This CD features a superb 16 page booklet with many previously unpublished photos and lengthy liner notes that, with the aid of band members, tells the true story of Jason Crest for the first time

Not released on Tenth Planet


Turquoise Tandem Cycle Charge Of The Light Brigade
Teagarden Lane (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree
Patrica's Dream You Really Got A Hold On Me
A Place In The Sun Two By The Sea
My House Is Burning Juliano The Bull
King Of The Castle Education
The Collective Works Of Justin Crest Waterloo Road
Black Mass Good Life

The Story Of Oak Records

The Story of Oak records 1964-68 The Story Of Oak Records (WHCD007)

Long awaited CD equivalent of Tenth Planet's much-acclaimed vinyl overview of the small but feverishly collected Oak custom label. This 23 track anthology includes all the Oak legends - The Game, The Kingpins, The Betterdays, The Mike Stuart Span, The Four Leaved Clovers, The Thyrds, The A-Jaes, Sons Of Man etc etc, as well as more recent discoveries. Full blown freakbeat/R&B/psychedelia spanning the years 1964-68, 'The Story Of Oak Records' includes a 20 page booklet with copious liner notes, band histories and many photos of both groups and studio. The English Nuggets!

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP010)


Wild Oats - You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover Four Leaved Clovers - Alright Girl
Bo Street Runners - Shame Shame Shame King-Pins - You're My Girl
Thyrds -  Hide 'n' Seek Game - The Addicted Man
A-Jaes - I'm Leaving You Five Steps Beyond - Faint Heart
Betterdays - Aw Shucks Hush Your Mouth Phoenix - You Are The Moon & The Stars & The Sun
Five Of Diamonds - Route 66 Amber - Yellow And Red
Hickory Stix - Hello My Darling Sons Of Man - On Love
Jaguars - Now You Wonder Why Mike Stuart Span - Concerto Of Thoughts
Exiles - Love In The Making Lavender Grove - Lavender Grove
Four Degrees - Too Much Monkey Business Keith Dangerfield - She's A Witch
Miller - Baby I Got News For You Velvet Frogs - Jehovah
Gremlins - High Time Baby  


Complex S/T (WHCD 008)

First-ever CD issue of classic UK psych private pressing from 1970, this definative issue features four unreleased bonus cuts from the same period including a great version of the Deep Purple hit 'Hush'. Eight page booklet includes the Complex story and previously unseen photos

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP038)


Funny Feeling Storm On Way
Message From The Year 2000 Madamoiselle Jackie
Green-Eyed Lucy Live For the Minute
Josie Hush
Witch's Spell Images Blue (alternate version)
Norwegian Butterfly Green-Eyed Lucy (alternate version)
Self Declaration Norwegian Butterfly (alternate version)
Images Blue  


The Way We Feel The Way We Feel (WHCD009)

Once again, the first-ever issue of the follow-up album from 1971, this release features two tracks from an EMI audition test held shortly before this LP was recorded. Eight page booklet with the conclusion of the group's story plus more photos

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP039)


Every Time I Hear The Song Jenanette
Am I Hey Girl You've Got Style
We Don't Exist If You Are My Love
Lemon Pie Fair Moving Moor (alt. version 1971)
The Way I Feel The Way I Feel (alt. version 1971)
Moving Moor  


Fire Underground and Overhead :The Alternate Fire (WHCD010)

Twenty track CD that looks at the history of Fire with many unreleased and alternate cuts spaning from the debut, classic single 'Father's Name Is Dad' through to their 1970 'Magic Shoemaker' album.

Also released on Tenth Planet (TP029)


Fathers Name Is Dad#1 I Know You Inside Out
Treacle Toffee World Reason For Everything
Happy Sound Alison Wonderland
Spare A Copper I Just Can't Wait
Will I Find Love I Didn't Know You
Man In The Teapot Can't Be So Bad
Only A Dream Green-Legged Auntie Sally
It's Just Love Mama
Magic Shoes Oh Johnny
I've Still Got Time Fathers Name Is Dad#2

The Klubs

Midnight Love Cycle (WHCD011)

Twenty one track compilation that looks at the history of The Klubs featuring unreleased tracks and live cuts from 2000 at the Cavern. Record Collector's album of the year 1999


Can't Ebenezer See My Mind? #1 Livin' Today
Indian Dreams Train To Nowhere*
The Stripper Indian Dreams*
Only John Tring Midnight Love Cycle*
I Found The Sun A Simple Song*
Ever Needed Someone Can't Ebenezer See My Mind?*
Midnight Love Cycle Unknown #
Fire We Will Always Be Together #
Can't Ebenezer See My Mind? #2 One Last Time #
Oh Baby I Wonder (1999 demo)
Indian Dreams (Acoustic Version) * Live at the Cavern Club 1999 - # (1972 - unreleased)

Bill Fay

From The Bottom Of An Old Grandfather Clock (WHCD012) recently described by MOJO magazine as "Britain’s pop Salinger", the reclusive Bill Fay cut the classic ‘Screams In The Ears’/’Some Good Advice’ single in 1967 before making two dark singer-songwriter albums for Decca, at which point he opted for public silence. This CD features 25 stunning demos and works-in-progress that were cut between 1966 and 1970: apart from three tracks that were included on Tenth Planet’s vinyl-only Peter Eden compilation a few years back, everything is previously unreleased. Amongst the highlights are a handful of tracks with Honeybus as backing band, including ‘Warwick Town’ and ‘Maxine’s Parlour’. Baroque 60s pop at its finest, this important release includes previously unpublished photos and extensive liner notes, with new quotes from Bill. - More details to come soon!



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