The Buzz - You're Holding Me Down The French Revolution - 9 'Till 5
Fleur De Lys - Gong With The Luminous Nose Arizona Swamp Company - Train Keeps Rollin'
The Boys Blue - Take A Heart Southern Sound - I Don't Wanna Go
The Deejays - Blackeyed Woman The Attraction - She's A Girl
Southern Sound - Just The Same As You Game - Help Me, Mummy's Gone
The Act - Just A Little Bit The Boys Blue - You Got What I Want
Force Five - Yea, I'm Waiting The Peep Show - Mazy
The Answers - Just A Fear George Gallagher & White Trash - Dawn


Freakbeat FantomsRUBBLE THIRTEEN

"I'm sending out an S.O.S., my love life's really in a mess"

Volume 13. Originally issued in 1989 on the Bam-Caruso label (KIRI 102). It has since been re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 013). Contained recordings from the Polydor and Columbia labels

The Buzz
One single, the A-side is featured here, produced by Joe Meek
Fleur De Lys
Great band whose career is far to complex to sort out in this short space. This was the top side of their fifth single out of seven. Check out the compilation, 'Reflections' for the full history and more
The Boys Blue
Coventry band who only released one single (for HMV), both sides were later recorded by The Sorrows
The Deejays
Not much to go on here, this was the top side of their second and last single for Polydor, the flip was the Kinks number, 'I Go To Sleep'
Southern Sound
The top side of their only single released on Columbia, you can get to here the flip, 'I Don't Wanna Go' on the third volume of the Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks series
The Act
This song was the last of three singles for Columbia. The flip, 'Remedies of Doctor Brohnicoy' was featured on Rubble 17, 'A Trip In A Painted World'
Force Five
Five singles from this five piece band all released on United Artists. They would later become the Crocheted Doughnut Ring but thats another story......
The Answers
Two singles for Columbia, Guitarist Tony Hill would of course later become a member of The Misunderstood before setting up the High Tide
The French Revolution
Not too much to go on here, previously this was available as part of the Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks series only in not as good recording quality
Arizona Swamp Company
One single, believed to actually be the Nashville Teens
The Attraction
Two singles and both were cover versions, this song was a Stones number whilst they followed this up with The Kinks, 'Party Line'
Oh what could have been, Palophone withdrew 'The Addicted Man' after it got a "thumbs down" on Juke Box Jury and replaced it with 'It's Shocking What They Call Me'. The song in question on this compilation was the B-side of both singles!!
The Peep Show
Two singles, this song was the top side of the groups first single. Check out the Tenth Planet album for more
George Gallagher & White Trash
This is the original vocalist from The Poets. This looks like an unreleased recording as no recordings look to have been released


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