You struck gold with Nuggets, dug Pebbles, moved Boulders, now dig deep into the Rubble!...

Founded in 1983 and based in St.Albans, Bam Caruso evolved as an extension of Waldo's Records, the most thriving indie label to emerge from the 1977's coiterie, and fondly recalled for Clive Pig's magnificent Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen. By comparison, this second outlet was established, primarily, to re-issue long lost 60's gems, although it was soon actively recording new acts as well. A suitably electric catalogue later boasted albums by The Ghost, July, Hearts & Flowers, SRC, The Steppes, Nick Haeffner, The Seeds and more, but its colourful reputation rests on the "Rubble" series, a continuing set of various artists compilations which together create a definative overview of Freakbeat and pop-psyche styles.
Brian Hogg for Music Collector, Spring, 1990


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The Psychedelic Snarl Rubble One

The Psychedelic Snarl

Pop-Sike Pipe-Dreams Rubble Two

Pop-Sike Pipe-Dreams

Nightmares In Wonderland Rubble Three

Nightmares In Wonderland

The 49 Minute Technicolur Dream Rubble Four

The 49 Minute Technicolour Dream

The Electric Crayon Set Rubble Five

The Electric Crayon Set

The Clouds Have Groovy Faces Rubble Six

The Clouds Have Groovy Faces

Pictures In The Sky Rubble Seven

Pictures In The Sky

All The Colours of Darkness Rubble Eight

All The Colours of Darkness

Plastic Widerness Rubble Nine

Plastic Widerness

Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show Rubble Ten

Professor Jordan's Magic Sound Show

Adventures In The Mist Rubble Eleven

Adventures In The Mist

Staircase To Nowhere Rubble Twelve

Staircase To Nowhere

Freakbeat Fantoms Rubble Thirteen

Freakbeat Fantoms

The Magic Rocking Horse Rubble Fourteen

The Magic Rocking Horse

5,000 Seconds Over Toyland Rubble Fifteen

5,000 Seconds Over Toyland

Glass Orchid Aftermath Rubble Sixteen

Glass Orchid Aftermath

A Trip In A Painted World Rubble Seventeen

A Trip In A Painted Word

Rainbow Thyme Wynders Rubble Eighteen

Rainbow Thyme Wynders

Einderdown Mindfog Rubble Nineteen

Einderdown Mindfog

Thrice Upon A Dream (Nothing Is Real) Rubble Twenty

Thrice Upon A Time (Nothing Is Real)


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Shindig! #6 is out and included is four pages on the Rubble albums including an interview with Bam-Caruso boss, Phil Smee from this web-master.

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