The Accent - Wind Of Change The Fairytale - Guess I Was Dreaming
The Poets - Wooden Spoon Felius Andromeda - Meditiations
Felius Andromeda - Cheadle Heath Delusions Sauterelles - Dream Machine
The Plague - Looking For The Sun The Attack - Lady Orange Peel
The Fairytale - Listen To Mary Cry The Poets - In Your Tower
Fire - Treacle Toffee World Turquoise - Woodstock
The Attack - Colours Of My Mind Cherry Smash - Fade Away Maureen
The Californians - Follow Me The Ice - Iceman


Adventures In The MistRUBBLE ELEVEN : Adventures In The Mist

"Sixteen awesome wig-flippers career onto this compliation with demented demands. Watch out!"

Eleventh volume. Originally issued in 1986 on the Bam-Caruso label (KIRI 069). It has since been re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 011). Contained recordings from the Decca label

The Accent
One single, on this volume we find the flip. For the top side, the Eastern flavoured, 'Red Sky At Night' you'll have to find Rubble Six
The Poets
No strangers to the Rubble comps where the Scots get six cuts spread over three volumes. 'Wooden Spoon' / 'In Your Tower' is the group's sixth single
Felius Andromeda
Both sides to the group's lone single, 'Meditations' / Cheadle Heath Delusions' can be found here
The Plague
Another lone single and you'll find the top side here, 'Looking For The Sun', don't worry, the flip, 'Here Today, Gone Tomorrow' has been compiled elsewhere
The Fairytale
Both singles have been spread over three volumes with this volume featuring the side two opener and first single, 'Guess I Was Dreaming' and the flip from the second single, 'Listen To Mary Cry'
The featured song, 'Treacle Toffee World' is the flip to the classic 'Fathers Name Is Dad' which can be found on the earlier Rubble Five.
The Attack
The two songs featured here are both B-sides, the first, 'Colours Of My Mind' was the flip to 'Created By Clive' whilst the second, 'Lady Orange Peel' was the flip to 'Neville Thumbcatch' (check out Rubble Six for that one)
The Californians
Despite their name, the band came from the Midlands and released eight singles, three of which are released on this series. This volumes cut, 'Follow Me' was their second single and first for Decca
Originally from Switzerland, this is the flip to their only single. The group also recorded an album worth of tunes back home
Now we're talking, the nearest I've ever heard to The Kinks, two fine singles and Keith Moon was a fan too, 'Woodstock' was the second single. Check out Rubble Six for the wonderful, 'Tales of Flossie Fillet'
Cherry Smash
Sadly only one song is featured in the series, 'Fade Away Maureen' was the group's third and final single. Interestingly to note, group member, Brian Sebastian's brother was Manfred Mann's Mike Hugg who wrote the group's first single, 'Sing Songs of Love' which of course appeared in the soundtrack to 'Up The Junction'.
The Ice
Iceman is the group's second single, their first single has also been compiled on Rubble Six


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