Acid Gallery - Dance 'Round The Maypole Octopus - The River
Argosy - Imagine Doomsday Machine - Ain't Nobody Else
Calum Bryce - Love Maker Infantes Jubilate - Exploding Galaxy
Lyons & Malone - Dr. Gentle Still Life - My Kingdom Cannot Lose
The Fruit Machine - The Wall Dee & The Quotum - Someday You'll Need Someone
Andy Forray - Dream With Me St. David's Road - Strange Loves Of Gweyneth
Pregnant Insomnia - Wallpaper Octopus - The Thief
Russell Morris - The Real Thing Time Machine - Turn Back Time & Bird In The Wind


Rainbow Thyme WyndersRUBBLE EIGHTEEN : Rainbow Thyme Wynders



Eighteenth volume. Only appeared as a test pressing on the Bam-Caruso label. Now re-issued on Past & Present (PAPRL 018). Contained recordings from various labels


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